Superlux presents Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphones HI 10. If you are on the lookout for microphones, then this may be a fitting choice. Make sure to check out the reviews but first of all press the red button below to see if it fits your music taste.
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    "I bought this as a hi-hat mic for my..."


    I bought this as a hi-hat mic for my studio but I tried it out for some voiceover work. I was amazed. When used properly (placing the mic from the side of the mouth, Johnny Cash style - he was a radio DJ so he knew how to work a mic) it sounded like an expensive mic. It sounds great on acoustic guitar. The padded bag it comes with is solid (more solid than a Shure SM57's) and there's a foam pop-shield too, but I'd use a ring-style one for vocals. It's highly directional, which is great for guitar or drum use, but with some vocalists who like to move around when recording (why?), you'd have to explain to them that it's important to stay still. The plus side is if you're recording in a bad-sounding room the room reflections don't show up in the sound so much. I don't work for Superlux or anything, I've not been paid (I wish!) I was just impressed by this mic and wanted to pass on my experience. I have a matched pair of Oktava small-diaphagm condensers, they're nice, but they cost WAY more than this mic. I've been recording around the world for 39 years and when I started recording as a kid I'd have killed for this mic. The fact that it's available for the price amazes me.It's also built like an armoured personnel carrier, it's doesn't feel cheap in any way. The only downside is the mic clip they give you is solid, but too small- I think it's made for another mic. I just use one of the other clips in the mic cupboard. I'll probably get a few more before they stop making them. That always happens, doesn't it ;-) PS If you do video-podcasts it would be ideal, if you put it sideways by your mouth, with the foam pop-shield, because it's so unobtrusive it'd make a great choice. All in all, it was a very pleasant surprise to plug this mic in and try it. PPS if there are any typos, sorry, the hayfever's bad today. PPPS The max SPL is 134dB, so you could use it on a guitar amp.

    Reviewed Jul 15, 2021

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