Millenium presents Drum Thrones MDT3 Drum Throne Saddle. If you are on the lookout for drum hardware or drums and percussion in general, then this may be a fitting choice. Make sure to check out the reviews but first of all press the red button below to see if it fits your music taste.
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  • "It speaks for itself."
    A 18-24 y.o. male fan of John Lee Hooker from Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • "I heard it's a gold!"
    A 18-24 y.o. male fan of Damian Marley from Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • "All of it"
    A 17 y.o. or younger male fan of Bon Jovi from Romania

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  • An anonymous user reviewed and rated Mapex MXT765ASER Drum Stool with 4 out 5 stars

    "Straight from the first sitting I felt..."


    Review of Mapex MXT765ASER Drum Stool Straight from the first sitting I felt what I'd feared: the saddle wobbling. All secure nuts and screws tightened with my soon 39 years of experience with drums but nothing makes the wobbling go away. I'm about to add an extra steel washer under the seat security/ memory lock so that the seat's spine doesn't go all the way up to the seat base, that must be the thing causing the unwanted seat rocking while I'm rocking. Really a weak point for Mapex, with this price (160€) you'd xpect to get some solid quality withiut of any DIY needed. Other than that the seat is perfect for my arse, supporting and comfy. Stand is all top quality, so the weakness of fitting the seat steady is really frustrating. I'm not going to return it instead I'll see what a lil DIY gets done.