Harley Benton Electric Guitars

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Harley Benton is a popular brand of music instruments and equipment produced by the large online retailer Musikhaus Thomann. The brand features thousands of products, from categories like Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Basses, Ukuleles, Bluegrass Instruments, String Instruments, Amps, Strings, Effects, Spare Parts and other Guitar and Bass Accessories.

The first category, which consists of Harley Benton Electric Guitars. On the Thomann website you will find 484 models to choose from, with prices ranging from 58 Euro to 498 Euro. We’ll let you browse through all of them and find the perfect one for your needs and budget, but for today we’ll talk about some general aspects.

Overall, the Harley Benton guitars have a good build and sound quality, and it all comes down to your budget. Like with most products, you get what you pay for, so the quality of the product increases as the price increases as well.

There are also some best sellers such as The Harley Benton SC-450 Plus LD Vintage Series or the Harley Benton WL-20BK Rock Series that offer a great value for an accessible price. These models (and a few others) actually offer more than what you pay for, and it's no wonder that they are the best-selling Harley Benton Electric Guitars.

Even though most products of the brand have small prices, this doesn't mean that they are cheap plastic toys with no quality of sound and professionalism. Most of them have a great quality of materials, and they do feel heavy and professional. The secret to their small prices is that the products are usually made in the same factories in China where other big brands are making their guitars. But from the factory they go straight to the retailer and then straight to your home, meaning that there are no intermediate sellers and fees. This way you can get good quality guitars at accessible prices.

There are many amazing electric guitars out there from big and renowned brands, but they also cost much more than the Harley Benton Electric Guitars. If you are a beginner or an intermediate player, you can be just fine with a guitar from this brand. If you can afford a super expensive and super high quality guitar...sure, go for it...but in case not, we recommend to get a cheap Harley Benton guitar instead of a cheap one from any other brand.

While the quality of the products is definitely there, many people complained about receiving broken guitars. This may happen usually when the destination of the order is far away from Germany (Thomann's headquarters). While it's not directly the fault of the Harley Benton brand, some people suggested that Thomann should definitely invest more into better packaging, so that the products stay intact even on long distance deliveries.

Overall, the Harley Benton Electric Guitars are great for beginners and intermediate players, and can make a great purchase if you don't live too far away from Germany and you're not among the few unfortunate people who had packaging issues and received broken products.