The Underground Forest - Volume 26

This month's edition of The Underground Forest features; a song that feels like it is casting a spell on you, transporting you to a magical garden that sits somewhere between reality and imagination;  an epic synth fuelled cover of a Shania Twain hit; a 13-minute long glamorous dark house adventure; a song that feels like it is from a dream; a song that could be in an A24 horror movie, and more!

Featuring Brother Valiant, Camille Schmidt, Bambina, DJ Suzy, DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ, Coolgirl, Kcik and Being Sarah

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 26

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C’est La Vie - Brother Valiant 

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 26

This newest release from Brother Valiant shimmers and sparkles over your ears, with Cat Stevens levels of magic. The vocals flow the ocean of twinkling instruments, everything coming together to form a soundscape that is alive with emotion and imagination.

On the song the artist confides, "Mostly, I found it overwhelming to the point where I'd fall back into old habits and behaviors. The premise of the song is accepting that deep down, to an extent, we are always going to have certain qualities and quirks that we cannot change about ourselves. However, despite faltering when trying to change certain negative aspects, I believe expressing feelings of love, compassion, and acceptance through action is still paramount on the journey towards being a good person."

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Your Game - Camille Schmidt

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 26

This is taken from the debut EP Good Person, from queer Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Camille Schmidt. After putting this on, I was immediately in - as there is something warm and familiar (and kind of cozy) about this song. The lyrics are much more barbed e.g “Chewing gum so I don’t have to talk/Listening to you and your best friends go off” (love it). The vocals are lush and hypnotic; this feels like it plays in a wooden cabin in autumn, and it is just an all around good time. 

She confides, "This EP is very much about struggle, about process – specifically the process of becoming. And looking back at all the things you’ve been through in your childhood, looking back on the different versions of yourself you’ve been in friendships and relationships, the different fake versions of self you’ve presented to the world (as well as looking directly at the f*cked up things happening in the world) and then sort of asking with a real honest earnest hope, is there something else? And then betting with your life that there is."

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You’re Still The One - Bambina

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 26

A cover of the prolific Shania Twain hit; with a synth fuelled twist on it. The pads in this are all-encompassing; the sound effects very experimental 1970s art pop band; the heavenly vocals floating over the imposing, rising bassline, with crystal-like keys bursting in every so often. This is gorgeous. 

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spells - DJ Suzy

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 26

The newest release from Swedish artist DJ Suzy is a potion of bubbling warm electronics, space-like sound effects, surreal vocals which at times have an early 90s R&b vibe to them (obsessed); the results being a tapestry of sound that is a soothing, yet unusual listen. This feels like sitting in a secret garden, one that is half in this world, half in the world of imagination, where everything shimmers and colors are kaleidoscopic, this is just divine.  

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Deep Down - DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 26

The newest release from the almighty DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ is 13 minutes long, and every second is precious. It is a dark, glamorous blend of dark house and electronics (with some lofi house elements). This plays under the purple glow of velvet curtains in a candlelit warehouse in the 1990s, dive in,

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Road Closures - Coolgirl

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 26

Unsettling and uneasy; this plays in the shadows, in the woods, under the night sky, a night where something is not quite right. The soundscape in Road Closures form rich visuals in your mind (I could see this in a surreal A24 horror movie). Taken from the album Road Closures, which you can listen to in full here

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34 (Take Me At Midnight) - Kcik

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 26

Taken from the EP The Best of Kcik; a warm bed of jazz floats to meet your ears; Jazz one that feels like it plays to you from a warm evening in the 1970s,  from a velour apartment buried in a silhouetted alleyway; before a house beat kicks in. This is honestly so gorgeous and so fun to listen to, put this on and float away into the night sky.

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Oceanic Dream - Being Sarah

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 26

I stumbled across this on Spotify, and my God it is so, so good. This has the surreal quality of a dream; the pads feel like they play to you from another dimension, the whole thing has a bit of a psychedelic vibe. This is smooth, it is hypnotic, the ambient sounds used through make a dense, lush tapestry of sound that takes over all of your senses. 

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