The Underground Forest - Volume 24

Welcome to The Underground Forest! This month's edition features; a heavenly song that sounds like it could be playing over the radio on a car journey in the 1970s; a song that sounds like it was plucked from an old movie, one set in a kaleidoscopic wonderland that formed your imagination as a child; a haunted library song that unfolds like a Goosebumps story; an ominous and eerie song with some 90s grunge influences; and more!

Featuring Rosalie James, Boy Jr., Fake Dad, Rolie Polie Guacamole, Jessie Baylin, Diane Birch, Pillow Queens and Pigeon Club.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 24

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Sparkle Shoelaces - Jessie Baylin

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 24

Look at this artwork; and immerse yourself in the shimmering, magical soundscapes that lie behind it.

This song sounds like it is from your childhood, plucked from the soundtrack of a kaleidoscopic, magical realism soaked movie; or from a memory, as it played in the background on a sunny afternoon while you did arts and crafts.

Let this song accompany you on adventures through life, as it will set your imagination alight. 

On the song the artist says, "Sparkle Shoelaces explores how one small change – a change as tiny as adding sparkly shoelaces to a pair of old shoes – can improve your mindset and your view of yourself. It's like that old Jerome Kern-Dorothy Fields song: 'pick myself up, dust myself off, start all over again’.'"

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Soft Target - Rosalie James

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 24

The newest song from Cornwall-based British multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Rosalie James brings me right into the world of Ramona and Beezus for some reason.

It has a beautiful lush quality to it, with a cool DIY flair, and some absolutely fantastic songwriting.

It also has the nostalgic dreamy vibe of a song from the 1990s, and it also kind of feels like a memory from that time.

On the song, the artist says "This song is for the generations of women who weren't diagnosed as neurodivergent until adulthood because they just seemed A Lot. It's for the 'over-sensitive drama queens,' who attracted people that liked us a little crazy and vulnerable but had nothing to give us. I'm still awkward and difficult and scared of balloons. I lost a career and I'm full of chemicals. But I'm not alone. We're not alone."  

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Library Ghost - Rolie Polie Guacamole 

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 24

The library is probably one of my (and many other people’s) favorite places to be; and as a lifelong fan of the library, I have ached for media that explores and celebrates the treasure that the public library truly is.

This new song from Brooklyn’s Kindie music band Rolie Polie Guacamole is also a ghost story; one that unfolds like a Goosebumps story.

The instrumental has some Western elements sprinkled in; I have never felt more understood and whole.

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Crybaby - Fake Dad

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 24

Joyful, delirious with sunshine, this indie rock song (with a delicious dash of bedroom pop) is the newest song from LA based band Fake Dad (made up of Andrea de Varona and Josh Ford).

I can imagine this being in Party Down (a show about people trying to make it in Hollywood while working at a catering company to make ends meet, if you know, you know).

My favorite line from this is “Mamas and Papas/ In the soap operas/ Those are my parents/ So I got reassurance/ except they all think i'm crazy and it's all in my head”.

The band confides, "The song is about someone who's obsessed with being famous, but no one takes them seriously. It's about the toxic cycle of success/attention for a whole generation who see ourselves as temporarily disgraced superstars."

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I Hope You Feel Terrible - Boy Jr.

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 24

I love this new song from songwriter/producer Boy Jr.; it is a song that makes you feel less alone, it voices the vicious thoughts you want to unleash when you are deeply hurt by someone, my favorite line being “I hope you feel terrible, I hope you wanna cry/ When confronted with a memory of cozy movie nights”- glorious.

On the song the artist says "You know how people will tell you to write a letter you'll never send when you're upset with someone? "I Hope You Feel Terrible" is like the letter I wasn't supposed to send. It is for everyone who wishes they could have a romcom-like confrontation with someone who hurt them and tell them exactly how they really feel, with the perfect closing one liner and everything." 

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Ancient History - Pigeon Club

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 24

This is the newest song from Pigeon Club (Wayne Whittaker), who is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, based in LA.

The song flows relaxed and easy, with some country elements blended in with the indie folk elements, making it go down all the more easy (this is a song to listen to while chilling and contemplating life in the desert landscape shown in the photo).

The song is about making time for the people closest to you; the blissful music urges you to slow down, to take in each moment, and to just appreciate those around you. 

On the song that artist says “My grandmother was in her early 90s when I moved to LA and I knew that realistically I only had a handful of opportunities to see her again, so that’s originally what I started writing about,” Whittaker explains. “But then early last year I lost a close friend from high school, Pat. He taught me so much about life and friendship and music - all within the small window of time that high school offers. A week or so after his funeral we tracked ‘Ancient History.’”

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Moto Moon - Diane Birch

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 24

I came across this on Bandcamp ( it really is the best place to discover some of the most exciting and creative new releases). The artwork for this album is very 1970s Peggy Lee (so immediately, I was in).

Taken from the album Flying On Abraham; Moto Moon is heavenly; it could very well be playing on the radio as you drive under an azure blue sky in the 1970s.

Strings soar in the background; and at the core of the music itself is something shimmering and slightly cosmic - this might be one of my favorite releases of the year so far.

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Heavy Pour - Pillow Queens

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 24

I remember seeing Pillow Queens play live in 2019, and could immediately see what made them so wonderful.

Heavy Pour has some 90s grunge vibes; it is taken from their new album Name Your Sorrow; it is foreboding, ominous and kind of eerie.

Dive in, and let it consume you.

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