The Underground Forest - Volume 21

Welcome back! We open January 2024 with our first edition of The Underground Forest; a lush undergrowth of alternative music, for forest walks, for exploring the mysteries of the night sky, and everything in between!

This month's edition features Arvo Party, Blimp, Bad Snacks, Margrete, Echo Northstar, AILSHA, ellaneptune and HANNAHBELLA

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 21

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Cosmic space jazz to listen to at night as your mind roams free; dopamine-inducing DIY electronic music; earth-shattering Celtic metal; an electronic song that sounds like synapses firing in your mind; an achingly beautiful experimental song that sounds like it is from a dream, and more!


Time (All I Need) - Blimp

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 21

There is a certain type of electronic music that feels like it is playing to you from a distant memory (I have said this before, but Deadmau5 and Kaskade’s I Remember possesses this quality). Time (All I Need) from Irish music producer Blimp is one such song, it is a warm, melancholic rush of electronica from start to finish. Opening with lush, hypnotic pads that invoke a wave of nostalgia; paired with a four-to-floor kick, a perfectly sampled vocal weaving its way in; this is smooth, it is bewitching, it is a song to get lost in.

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telegraph lines - Echo Northstar

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 21

Upon seeing the name Echo Northstar, I was immediately interested (the name invoking Twin Peaks-esque imagery). telegraph lines is a mysterious affair; it plays to you from a dark unearthly realm, one that is enchanting, yet murky.  Featuring reversed vocals, and a dense undergrowth of dark, lavish textures, this results in something painfully beautiful, that feels like it is from a dream.

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iiwannabe - Bad Snacks

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 21

Bad Snacks is back and is as dopamine-inducing as ever. iiwannabe is kaleidoscopic and dreamy; a cloud of DIY electronics shimmering over an addictive groove and dazzling vocals. This will beam sunshine to you via your headphones; January is a hard month to get through, but this will get you help. 

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MAZE - Arvo Party

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 21

MAZE opens with shimmering bell-like textures that swoop over your ears; that meet with a rich bassline, all building to form a mesmerizing and vaguely haunting bed of electronics. MAZE feels like synapses firing, this is a piece of music that feels so alive - this serves as a reminder as to why electronic music is so wonderful, as it shimmers with imagination.

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Pandora - Margrete

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 21

Taken from the newly released EP FLAWS vol 2; Pandora is a mix of eerie experimental electronics, dark grunge textures, and a touch of alt-pop. The vocals are crystalline and glacial; the vocal melody is achingly beautiful (there is an alt 90s quality to it, present in the raw quality, which grabs you immediately.) Margrete is a fantastic music producer, songwriter, and vocalist; I highly recommend the full EP.

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Go Tobann - AILSHA

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 21

One of Ireland’s contenders for this year's Eurovision; Go Tobann is absolutely earth-shattering. A blend of Celtic metal with some electronic elements; the lyrics are a blend of English and Irish; featuring some of the most commonly used phrases in Irish school (An bhfuil cead agam dul go dtí an leatharas), I guarantee you have never heard anything like this before, put this on, and blast yourself into space.

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Rumination Station - ellaneptune

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 21

Ellaneptune’s Instagram bio describes her music as space jazz, and this is the perfect description for Rumination Station. It feels cosmic and is a very soothing listen.

A sub-bass throbs underneath the bed of vocals, with some space-like effects sprinkled over the gentle bed of electronica and jazz. This is one to fully immerse yourself in, and let your thoughts roam free. It is gentle, it is dreamy, it is meditative, and you feel calmer after listening to this.

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Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 21

The newest release from Cork artist HANNAHBELLA; spin features gentle vocals flowing over a rich tapestry of alt-pop and experimental elements, with twinkling electronics. The results are something in which the wonderful creativity of the artist is audible in the shimmering, changing landscape of the music; this is another soothing listening experience, one that is a joy to listen to.

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