The Underground Forest - Vol 9

This month’s edition of The Underground Forest features; a beautifully lofi acoustic song, that brings to mind the terrifying beautiful of a vast Nordic landscape; euphoric electro-pop with otherworldly synthesis; 90s flavored alt-pop; a song that is like psychedelic crafting for your ears; ambient electronic that is like a shimmering, underwater paradise, and more.

Featuring Jay Wires, joan, Alan Swanwick, oOoOO, STANLÆY ,swim school, Crown the King and Atelier Pink Noise.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor
Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 9
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Tick Tick Tock - Alan Swanwick

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 9

A wonderful new release from Alan Swanwick, taken from the album ‘Astronaut’(produced by Wavefield Recording Studios) ‘Tick Tick Tock’ feels as if it unfolds across a beautiful, yet unforgiving winter landscape; in which the dark green pine trees are hushed with secrets, the ocean restless and vast; as you put your own mortality in prescriptive, as you take in the crippling indifferent beauty of nature. This is quiet and allows the noise that usually crowds your mind to settle.

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Breathe - Jay Wires

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 9

‘Breathe’ is the newest release from artist Jay Wires - and is the final song of the 4 track EP ‘Kaboom’. We open with otherworldly, slightly alien-like synthesis that has a gorgeously warm analog flavor; before descending into a smooth, electronic beat with layered vocals. The chorus is nothing short of electro pop euphoria - the colors and joy of of the artwork are reflected and brought to life in the song 

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flowers - joan

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 9

Opening with strings, this newest release from duo ‘joan’ is like a dream from the 1990s. The vocal melody is utterly addictive; the arrangement a dreamland of nostalgia. The chorus is a blend of dreamy alt-pop and rock - ‘flowers’ is the song that plays over memories of youth.

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Gone Fishin’- oOoOO

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 9

This has a gorgeously DIY 2000s feel; featuring a beautifully eerie vocal line melting over the sampling and warm tape flavored drums. This is fun from start to finish.

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the_everything_inbetween - STANLÆY

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 9

‘the everything in between’ shimmers with color and imagination; having a slightly psychedelic effect; the vocals being reminiscent of Bjork - this song will allow you to explore and activate parts of your mind ( kind of like crafting for your ears).

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kill you- swim school

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 9

A dreamscape of nostalgic guitars and 90s influences - ‘kill you’ features an amazing vocal melody that will draw you in immediately; the chorus mixing in gorgeous shoegaze qualities. This song plays over the blue skies of youth - and the results being a lush, melancholic cloud of beauty.

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Reel to Reel - Crown the King

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 9

Every single release from Dublin based band Crown The King has been incredible; this newest release being no exception. ‘Reel to Reel’ features powerful and raw vocals; unfolding against a haunting soundscape of guitars. This has a slight Foo Fighters feel, and is thoroughly goosebump inducing.

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Afterimage - Atelier Pink Noise

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 9

A warm glow of rich, ambient synthesis. Dive into a celestial underwater world; where the light glimmers with crystalline beauty - this will allow you to enter a warm, serene paradise, no matter where you are. 

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