The Underground Forest - Vol 8

This edition of The Underground Forest features; Mallsoft that could be played over a bizarre dance sequence in a 1980s sci-fi movie; a gorgeous acoustic song that sounds like autumn and warm cinnamon; bossa nova mixed with Rnb that sounds like melted butter; eerie electronica made for running through the forest dressed as the corpse bride; and more.

Featuring Landon Price Beats, Ivor Game, Jay Wires,  Farah Elle, Ibrahim Alfa Jnr, Chloe Bodur and Ace Hansel Jr. Go explore!

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 8

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Straight - Landon Price Beats

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 8

I can picture this playing over a thoroughly compelling, albeit slightly bizarre, dance sequence in an 80s-tinged sci-fi movie.

Taken from ‘MALLSOFT Vol​.​2 ヴ​​​ェ​​​イ​​​パ​​​ー​​​ウ​​​ェ​​​イ​​​ヴ’ ( exclusively on Bandcamp), ‘Straight’ immerses you in the seediness of a nighttime world; where you can’t help but dance; bathed in the artificial fluorescent lights of commerce. The groove in this is so good - you can’t help but move. Dive in - it's smooth.

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Autumn - Ivor Game

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 8

If any song was made for walking through the underground forest - it is this song. This newest release from artist Ivor Game has a gorgeous lofi DIY quality; one that radiates warmth, and sounds like the best parts of the season it is named after. This is for crisp walks in the winter air, dressed like a babysitter from the 70s, with a Stephen King book in your shoulder bag, holding a warm cinnamon drink, and knowing that everything will be just fine.

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KABOOM! - Jay Wires

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 8

This has the feel of a classic soul-wrenching ballad; sprinkled with the surreal ambiance of electronic devices. It opens with uneasy piano chords, laced with an icy curtain of reverb-electronic vocals with a haunting human/robot hybrid quality melt in; all hinting at what is to come; escalating in an explosion of emotion and synthesis. 

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Silk - Farah Elle

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 8

Taken from the album ‘Fatima’ - ‘Silk’ is divine, while managing to be both soothing and ferocious. 

Farah’s incredibly powerful vocals soar over the rich arrangement; becoming more and more dynamic as the song progresses. Gorgeous. 

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NPNX -  Ibrahim Alfa Jnr

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 8

Taken from the EP ‘Messier87’, this unfolds across the plains of an uneasy landscape; the complex beats, and unexpected sounds, draw you into a surreal world. You have never heard anything quite like this before.

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Why U Always So Mean? - Chloe Bodur

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 8

There are, quite simply, not enough songs with bossa nova influences. This newest release from artist Chloe Bodur, serves up something I have long been searching for.

‘Why U Always So Mean’ is luxurious and dreamy; a gorgeous blend of jazz, r&b and bossa nova. Taken from the EP ‘RÜYA’, this melts like spun sugar over your ears. Check out the visualizer here

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The Runaway - Ace Hansel Jr

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 8

‘The Runaway’ was written by Jean-Charles Capelli, (ACE HANSEL JR), with composer and producer Mike Batt for the album ‘Songs From Croix-Noire’. Croix-Noire is the new multimedia project from Mike Batt, Jean-Charles Capelli, EMMY-winning writer David Quantick, and legendary Marvel/DC comic artist Mike Collins - and consists of an album, comic book series, novella, and video game. There is nothing I love more than music with a visual concept behind it; ‘ The Runaway’  is gentle and haunting; a mix of fantastic songwriting, acoustic guitar and soaring strings. You can find out more about Croix Noire here.

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