The Underground Forest - Vol 7

This month's edition of The Underground Forest features; gloriously dreamy mallsoft, coming to you from the azure clouds of the past; a bed of wintery electronic synthesis that gleams and glitters; gorgeous electronic that is the sonic embodiment of the deepest human desires ( the longing to truly connect and be understood by another person); a delightful fusion of Rnb and jazz that has a DIY feel; that will get your creativity flowing, and more.

Featuring Landon Price Beats, Jay Wires, Outsider YP, Layfullstop, Clive From Accounts, George Riley, Sweet Lemondae and Alice Kiernan. 

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 7

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Time and Space - Jay Wires

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 7

The newest release from US based artist Jay Wires is a magical wonderland of synthesis. The icey temperatures portrayed in the artwork are conveyed with the wintery, slightly magical instrumentation; given all the more power by being mixed with a slightly psychedelic feel. The gorgeous chord progressions, the rising bed of electronics all result in something that is simultaneously haunting and warm. 

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You Understand - Clive From Accounts

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 7

‘You Understand’ is the musical embodiment of one of the deepest human desires; the euphoria of feeling understood by another person. We open with disco hi-hats, the percussion building gradually before pads and a bass line enter; over which reverb laden vocals sing ‘ You Understand Too’. The wall of music builds and builds; possessing a gorgeous analog quality that results in something thoroughly unique, that taps into something universal that we all crave.

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Still Here ヴ​​​ェ​​​イ​​​パ​​​ー​​​ウ​​​ェ​​​イ​​​ヴ - Landon Price

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 7

The latest release from producer Landon Price is available exclusively on Bandcamp; and is a lush, divine journey through the clouds of the past. This is utter mallsoft glory; with its delicious blend of pads, saxophones, 80s eque percussion; all blended together to possess the dreamy nostalgia of memory. Luxurious and fun.

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Act Right - Layfullstop

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 7

This is so, so good. ‘Act Right’ opens with a smooth bed of cloud-like instrumentation, blended with a hypnotizing vocal line. This then melts into an incredibly skilled flow over a thoroughly infectious groove;  all blending and melting together to form a song that is just thoroughly delicious from start to finish.

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HURT - Outsider YP

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 7

I first came across Outsider YP with 2017’s deeply haunting ‘Saddest Day’ - and have been a fan ever since. Hurt is the newest release from the artist; which features an earth shattering pattern of 808s, uneasy synthesis with a slight sci-fi feel - with a flow that bares the artist’s soul. This is beautiful.

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Running In Waves - George Riley

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 7

Taken from the artist’s album of the same name; ‘Running In Waves’ is a tranquil bed of gorgeous chords, fused with slightly experimental percussion; giving it a gorgeous DIY feel. You can feel the creativity of the artist flowing through every part of this.

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Never Gonna Be - Sweetlemondae

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 7

This has a lusciously dreamy quality; a quality that permeates a lot of the classics. ‘Never Gonna Be’ is the newest release from artist Sweetlemondae ( in collaboration with Dublin based Diffusion Lab) and features razor sharp lyrics with an incredible flow and flawless production - this is your new favorite song. 

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Golden - Alice Kiernan

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 7

Gorgeously addictive songwriting - a blend of The 1975 with Taylor Swift’s most addictive earworms - this will stay with you.

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