The Underground Forest - Vol 17

This month's edition of The Underground Forest features: a hypnotic song that will nourish you from the inside out; an experimental electronic song that is a heavenly, entrancing dreamscape; a song that sounds like it could be in an episode of American Horror Story; a song that oozes the glamor and velour of a performing at midnight; a song that sounds like the ice covered textures on the grass and trees on a winter morning walk in the countryside, and more. 

Featuring Cosha, SPELLES, Soda Blonde, Riley Max, Zaska, Tolü Makay, caro♡, Nana Nina, Lucy & La Mer.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 17

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Sun Back - Cosha

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 17

Some songs feel like they are thoroughly good for you; in that, you feel nourished after listening to them, the effects being similar to that of meditating in the sunlight, or taking a moment to just exist and breathe -  afterwards, you feel slightly more at peace.

This newest release from artist Cosha is absolutely one of these songs; it shimmers and gleams; the rich tapestry of music flowing over the throbbing bassline; the reverbed vocals sparkling over the lush musical backdrop (there is nothing like a good instrumental intro).

The vocals are sublime; and melt over the background music; the results being a song that is a hypnotic blend of RnB, pop and organic textures; this is one to listen to while bathing in the green glow of your houseplants.

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MY BLACK CAT - Nana Nina

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 17

I came across this on Spotify (I was immediately drawn in by the title) - and I am glad I did, as this sounds unlike anything I have heard before, in the way that Aphex Twin sounds unlike anything I have heard before also. 

We open with experimental electronics, paired with a droning, vaguely ominous bassline; everything evolving and coming together to form a heavenly, entrancing dreamscape of bubbling electronics. This is so, so good.

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Holy Hells - SPELLES

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 17

When I noticed the name of this duo I was immediately interested; this combined with the fact that one of their songs Bird in a Cage was featured in Pretty Little Liars (season 5, episode 9).

SPELLES is made up of songwriters and instrumentalists Kathryn Baar and Luc Laurent, their newest release being an eerie and powerful blend of pop, folk, gospel and blues, one that brings you into an uneasy, gothic landscape. This would not be out of place in American Horror Story, and I love it.

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Midnight Show - Soda Blonde

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 17

This opens with a beautifully retro-flavored string section; one that hints that some seriously good disco electronic blend is on the horizon, waiting to consume you.

And does it come, and it is thoroughly hypnotic, it is all consuming; but all the while, something slightly uneasy simmers beneath the surface (think Twin Peaks, Lost River). Surrender yourself to the darkness and glamor that is the Midnight Show.

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Ice Cream - Lucy & La Mer

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 17

This has the delicious bubble gum flavor of the visuals; however, there is something slightly heart-wrenching running throughout this. Maybe it is the reverbed piano textures that may bring a tear to your eye, or maybe it is the raw vulnerability of the lyrics.

On the song Lucy shares, "As an anxious person, I’m constantly overthinking in relationships. Like, what if they find out that I’m not what they thought? What if I get insecure and sabotage the whole thing?! When someone with anxiety falls in love, it’s like this new wonderful thing... that you now get to worry about constantly.” 

This also has a sunshine-like quality to it; this being a result of the artist allowing themselves to be completely honest with themselves, and the listening, and in doing so, makes us all feel less alone. 

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Green - Riley Max

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 17

Taken from the album ROY G BIV, (which was inspired by the different colors of emotions) by Colorado-based artist Riley Max. Green is quiet and shimmering; transporting you to the ice-covered grass of the countryside on a Winter morning. The instruments create crystalline textures that glimmer in the background, inviting you to contemplate the relentless passage of time and nature and be thoroughly in awe of it.

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Nothing But You - Zaska, Tolü Makay (Live)

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 17

This is a live recording of a song from Zaska’s 2022 album A Better Way; the live version adding a whole new magical dimension and vibrancy to an already great song.

Opening with electronic vocals; we then dive into the smoothest, most velveteen instrumental you have ever heard. This paired with Tolu Makay’s gorgeous vocals, results in utter bliss. 

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Women Always Know - Cate Carter

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 17

This is Americana and pop flavored songwriting done really well, the rich burgundy and mahogany palette of the visuals weaving their way into the fabric of the music. The powerhouse vocals deliver the raw vulnerable lyrics, all leading you to an earworm of a chorus.

On the track Cate says it is "about a woman's intuition in knowing she is right about something. In my case, it's about feeling like my partner was going to leave before he allowed himself to explore the beauty and potential of our relationship. In a way though, it's a love letter to myself. I was severely bullied in middle school and boys used to call me crazy all the time. Not only taking back the word 'crazy' but also having a profound trust in myself was empowering and though everything in me wanted him to stay, I also knew I was going to be okay regardless" 

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From the heart <3 - caro♡

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 17

Dreamy ethereal vocals entice you into a fairytale-like wonderland; more vocals enter, giving this a mournful, slightly medieval feel. This gives way to a lush, bubble-pop electronic burst of pink sonic fantasy. This is truly magical, listen to this and let your imagination run free over this science fiction-tinged dreamscape. 

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