The Underground Forest - Vol 13

Welcome to The Underground Forest. This month’s edition features; an oceanic dreamworld saturated in technicolor; 808s like you have never heard before with surreal, eerie sampling melting over the top; lush 90s shoegaze; mermaid rock and rollers; nostalgic DIY bedroom pop that sounds as if it is playing over memory; and more. 

Featuring Sabrina Bellaouel, Tom Rasmussen, morgen, Aquadolls, Danny Kuttner, Yehezkel Raz, PYNKIE, Housewife and Gabacho.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 13

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Inception - Danny Kuttner, Yehezkel Raz

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 13

This is the opening song to Danny Kuttner’s new EP ‘Purple’. ‘Inception’ is like stepping into a surreal dreamworld; in which a wall of hypnotic, slightly oceanic sounds swirl around you, with a gentle vocal sample entering every so often, making it even more magical.  This sounds as kaleidoscopic and wonderful as the artwork you see above. 

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Period Point Blank - Sabrina Bellaouel

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 13

Pounding 808s, haunting vocals floating above, an intense, hypnotic rhythm drawing you into a trance-like state; this has a dark and powerful energy, one that shimmers with imagination and will entrance you immediately. The whispered vocals shimmer in over the beat; experimental sound fx creating a surreal tapestry in the background.

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Lilee - morgen

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 13

Taken from the artist’s EP Bravado; ‘Lilee’ is gorgeously nostalgic; (bringing to mind the likes of soccer mommy) and fuses a lush shoegaze quality with 90s summer melancholy. This will envelop you into its gentle technicolor world, with its addictive and dreamlike songwriting; let yourself go and enjoy the journey.

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Sneaky - The Aquadolls

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 13

When I saw this band being described as “mermaid rock and rollers” - I was immediately interested. This newest release from the US based band was produced by Chris Szczech (The Goo Goo Dolls), and it is a thoroughly fun mix of rock and alt pop, the chorus being a cathartic powerhouse. 

Further expanding on the single release, vocalist Melissa Brooks said, “’Sneaky’ tells the story of the uncertainties of what could come from a late-night hookup. Unsure if the other person is growing feelings or only physical attraction, this song shows the struggle of being someone’s dirty little secret.”

Bassist Keilah Nina continues “A nostalgic tune about that sickly, sweet feeling you get in your gut when you start feeling a little more than lust for that late night hookup. For when you’re stuck in a state of wondering if they feel the same way, or if you’re just wasting time fantasizing about what could be.”

The band is also going out on tour; the dates are on the poster below (tour admat by Jamal Crawford).

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 13

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Fabulous Opera - Tom Rasmussen

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 13

Taken from the amazing new album ‘Body Building’; Fabulous Opera sounds as divine as the name suggests; and is about coming out of a period of numbness, into big joy. This is euphoric, glamorous, and slightly dreamlike; featuring a throbbing bassline, magical sound effects shimmering at the edges of your ears, giving way to a joyous chorus with a gorgeous 90s electronic feel. 

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Crushed Out - PYNKIE

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 13

This gorgeous DIY bedroom pop is the newest release from artist PYNKIE; a singer/songwriter and registered nurse.

Opening with the ambient sounds of a garden; before dissolving into a lofi synthesizer riff with alt style 90s guitars and songwriting; all elements come together beautifully to form something that sounds like a sun soaked memory. Watch the music video here.

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Fuck Around Phase - Housewife

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 13

Cathartic indie rock, opening with an earth shattering wall of guitars, and an even more powerful chorus ‘ I’m In My Fuck Around Phase’. The artist has a new music video to accompany the track, which you watch here. In addition to the music video release, Housewife has also announced a North American tour with Scottish singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini. The tour will run through the end of March and includes stops in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. 

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I Would Like That - Gabacho

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 13

The closing track of the new album ‘Parque’; is a gentle blend of psychedelic textures with waves of surfy indie vibes; let this accompany you as you collect seashells on the beach, or go for long walks in nature, just chilling and letting yourself be.

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