TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - June 2023 Edition

This edit features the latest releases by YRM Bear, makeangelscry, Zero Frequency, King Artury, Wizard, ANDRWMAARS, Dhajea, Akira The Don, HSH HUSTLE, and Garry With Two R's

By Araz MirbavandiContributing Author

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As the month comes to a close, it's time to take a deep dive into the world of trap music and unveil a handpicked selection of the most sizzling tracks that trap music fans might have missed. From infectious beats to mesmerizing lyrics, this edit brings it all to you on a silver platter. Without further ado, let's explore the hidden gems of the trap genre that have graced our auditory senses in June 2023! 

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Art - YRM Bear

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - June 2023 Edition

Let’s kick off our list with YRMBear’s hypnotic trap track, Art. The track's dark and spirited production creates an intense feeling, setting the stage for the artist’s raw and leaden flow. The thumpin' bass and the bangin' beats create an electrifying atmosphere, and it’s easy to sense the artist's confidence and creativity through their clever rhymes.

Get ready for a blast of untamed energy that'll have trap lovers clamoring to hear more!

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David Blaine (Feat. Sxrey) - makeangelscry​

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David Blaine takes the lead in Bardic Verse, an album that blends elements of hip-hop and experimental music neatly. Just like every other song on the album, David Blaine is produced by the talented DJ Blasphemy. Tangled beats and a distinctively unconventional style are the album’s signature, making for an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

The artist’s ability to find his way around this new musical territory makes the track that much more interesting.

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Gate - Zero

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Gate by ZeroFrequency is a captivating track that fuses electronic elements with a dark and enigmatic aesthetic. Inspired by the survival horror video game "Signalis," the song immerses you in a sonic journey of haunting melodies, pulsating rhythms, and ethereal soundscapes. 

ZeroFrequency's meticulous production and attention to atmospheric nuances mirror the game's dark and mysterious ambiance, so be ready for a mesmerizing listening experience. 

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All Day / Весь День - King Artury

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With All Day, King Artury delivers lyrics revolving around themes of success, ambition, and grind. His bold and cool delivery, coupled with booming basslines, elaborate melodies, and crisp drum patterns, create an irresistible cadence that will make you instinctively nod your head in rhythmic agreement.

All Day is one of the two tracks on 16kingartury’s most recent album, Unreleased Vol. 1, a custom collection that offers the two previously unheard tracks, giving fans an exclusive glimpse into the artist's creative process and phantasm.

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Oh Why (feat. OZZIE) - Wizard

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This one evokes a moody and introspective atmosphere, with melodic elements and textured beats weaving a mesmerizing tapestry in the background. Ozzie's emotive vocals add depth and vulnerability to the track, complementing Wizardbeats' pensive and reflective verses. 

The lyrics delve into personal struggles, introspection, and the quest for meaning. All the searching, brooding, and ponderings laid down in the songs invite listeners to look into themselves too. This collaboration showcases exceptional production, engaging vocals, and profound lyricism.

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26 faeva (freestyle) - ANDRWMAARS

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26 faeva by ANDRWMAARS is a dope trap track full of raw talent and charismatic delivery. With an appreciable flow and engaging storytelling, the artist leaves listeners eager for more of his freestyle finesse. The minimalistic yet captivating production with its hard-hitting beats prepares the stage for the artist to show off his rapid-fire flow and clever wordplay

This track is the 4th track on the Nthabiseng EP, a blend of soulful beats and instrumental arrangements that take you on a musical journey that'll go everywhere in between!

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My First Ollie - Dhajea & Ashy Eddy

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My First Ollie is the first track on Dhajea’s latest album, Raptastic, which combines catchy melodies, bouncy beats, and Dhajea's dynamic flow to create a playlist-winning song you’ll be vibing to in no time. Think of this song as a celebration of Dhajea landing his first ollie!

The artist’s knack for crafting catchy hooks and relatable lyrics makes this track a must-listen for anyone who’s into skateboarding and energetic hip-hop! The album itself got everything from trap-infused beats to boom-bap-inspired instrumentals, paving the way for Dhajea to show off his amazing lyrics.

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A Calm Mind A Fit Body And A House Full Of Love - Akira The Don

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Akira The Don's delivery in A Calm Mind, a Fit Body, and a House Full of Love is smooth and melodic, giving us a sense of tranquility and self-assuredness. The track blends heart-warming melodies with introspective lyrics, creating a serene and bright track that makes for a refreshing addition to the trap genre in June 2023. 

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TAG - HSH HUSTLE (scoob. x frankydanky.)

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HSH HUSTLE brings heat and braggadocious wordplay with TAG, a trap track exuding confidence and attitude. From the moment the beat drops, the energy booms, fueled by hard-hitting drums and pounding basslines. 

HSHHustle's flow is unapologetically bold and commanding, delivering raw and powerful lyrics that spit facts about the realities of street life, ambition, and personal struggles. The track's relentless pace keeps listeners’ adrenaline pumping, while the production sets a dark and intense atmosphere that makes the song' only more ferocious.

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Stayin On - Garry With Two R's

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The track Stayin On is the perfect piece to listen to if you’re in the mood for something daring and bold, with pulsating beats and infectious hooks that set the stage for Garry's magnetic delivery and catchy flow.

Garry With Two R’s’ latest album, Trouble, explores the realities and challenges of life, touching upon classic themes like personal experiences, street culture, and the pursuit of success. The 6th track, Staying On, is one that just may reserve a spot on your playlist.

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