TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - August 2023 Edition

Brace yourselves for a riveting ride through the latest wave of trap bangers! From infectious beats that command your body to move to mesmerizing lyrics that stir your soul, this handpicked collection delivers 10 tracks released in July 2023.

Featuring Wearfoi, Soudiere, Lil Xelly, Ray$av, Shonalika, thiskidnamedtay, Saint Ahmad, Dexter Fizz, norfwrath, Lord Faz & Beat Trotterz, and Soma.

By Araz MirbavandiContributing Author

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Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - August 2023 Edition

WearFOI's Yes They Steal is a sonic rollercoaster that plunges you into a world where rhythm reigns supreme. 

Brace yourself as the artist fearlessly twists and turns through a fusion of trap elements like drill and trap metal. The chorus hits like a wrecking ball, carving its way into the depths of your mind and holding on with an unyielding grip! 

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Tris - Soudiere & Lil Xelly

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - August 2023 Edition

Tris by Soudiere wastes no time in grabbing your attention. From the moment the track kicks off, a catchy rhythm lures you to surrender to the pulse of the beat and get lost in its hypnosis.

Soudiere has this unbelievable ability to create a memorable atmosphere. Here, too, the track's melodies transport you to a dark and moody realm, where elements of trap music fuse together with electronic beats.

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Top Notch - Ray$av

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - August 2023 Edition

Top Notch, the first track on Ray$av’s latest album, Short For $avage, is a certified slapper. Ray Sav delivers her verses with confidence and charisma, flexing her skills and wealth. 

The production is neat and vibrant, with trap elements like 808s, hi-hats, and sirens. The song has a catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head. But then the bridge totally switches up the flow and adds this amazing refreshing variety to the whole thing.  

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Scavenger - Shonalika

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - August 2023 Edition

Shonalika's Scavenger is a dark and rad jam that explores the theme of survival in a hostile world, probably the music industry. They deliver verses with a confident and smooth flow, while the chorus hooks you in with a catchy melody and a distorted vocal sample. 

The artist doesn’t shy away from calling out their haters and competitors, but they also show their gratitude to fans and supporters. The production is top-notch, with crisp drums, eerie synths, and a menacing bassline. 

Scavenger leaves a lasting impression with its experimental undertones, enticing you to explore more of the artist's discography. Don’t miss out on this absolute badass track.

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Cold Heart - thiskidnamedtay

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - August 2023 Edition

As you might guess by the title, Cold Heart has a rather pensive vibe, with thiskidnamedtay using a soft voice and a slow flow to talk about his struggles with love, betrayal, and loneliness.

He expresses his feelings of pain, anger, and sadness. But don't worry, he's also got a spark of hope for a brighter tomorrow. The artist also acknowledges the influence of notable figures like Juice WRLD, XXXTentacion, and Lil Peep on his music and creative expression.

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LGC - Saint Ahmad

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - August 2023 Edition

LGC - short for "Let's get crazy" - is a hyper dance track that promises to ignite the club scene this summer. This sensational anthem features the magnetic presence of club icon Lolita Leopard, whose fiery vocals intertwine with a kaleidoscope of vibrant sonic waves!

Drawing inspiration from decadent club nights, hedonistic after-hour parties, and the power of freedom of expression, LGC serves as the quintessential self-love anthem for all the fierce and independent individuals out there.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate club banger, one that will engulf the entire dancefloor in an ecstatic frenzy.

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No Tints - Dexter Fizz

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - August 2023 Edition

Dexter Fizz turns up the heat with his mind-blowing distorted voice and lightning-fast flow in this one. 

Lyrically, No Tints is an absolute whirlwind that shows the artist’s insane skills as a wordsmith. The song is all about Dexter Fizz’s lifestyle as a rapper, his insane confidence in his talent, and how he absolutely cannot stand those fake people. 

Strap in and hold on tight because No Tints takes you on one hell of a ride.

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Stomach Growl - norfwrath

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - August 2023 Edition

Norfwrath's Stomach Growl is like a big ol' bowl of honest soup, with no watered-down flavors allowed. In this track, the emerging artist lays bare his hunger and ambition to slap you in the eardrums and demand your attention.

Norfwrath's lyrics dig deep into the struggle and ambition that fuels his journey. With a raw and unrelenting flow, the artist pours their heart and soul into each bar. The production, too, reflects the artist’s authenticity that will leave a lasting impression.

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Somewhere Else - Lord Faz & Beat Trotterz

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - August 2023 Edition

Lord Faz is all about keeping it real in this one. The artist's introspective verses in Somewhere Else dare to explore self-discovery and yearn for change, inviting listeners to ask the same questions themselves.

There’s a harmony between the drums and the atmospheric synths that can’t go unescaped. The sonic layering especially sticks with you, with ethereal textures, subtle vocal samples, and immersive sound effects intertwining to create a sense of depth and space. 

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I Feel Like Miley Cyrus (prod. Punk) - Soma

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I Feel Like Miley Cyrus is an audacious declaration of self-expression and empowerment. The track is almost bursting with unfiltered and rebellious energy that grabs hold of your attention, complemented by the bold beats crafted by Punk. 

Soma fearlessly embraces his individuality and blurs the lines of conformity. His ability to craft catchy and provocative melodies is evident, as the chorus becomes a rallying cry for those who dare to be themselves. Get ready to chant along and celebrate your awesome individuality while this one blasts in the background.

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