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By Araz MirbavandiContributing Author

Article photo - SYNTHPOP SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

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Sunset From The K​á​rm​á​n Line - Straylight

Article photo - SYNTHPOP SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

Sunset from the Kármán Line is a synth-pop song by Straylight, a British duo that blends retro synth sounds with modern production. It has a retro-futuristic vibe inspired by the boundary between Earth's atmosphere and outer space. The song features pulsing synths, groovy bass lines, and soaring vocals that create a sense of wonder and adventure. 

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perdón por ser así - Lios

Article photo - SYNTHPOP SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

Next, there’s Perdón por ser así by Lios, a Spanish singer-songwriter band of three who mix synth-pop with indie rock influences. The song is a heartfelt apology to a lover who was hurt by his mistakes, with a touch of irony and self-deprecation. 

The vocals are raw and emotional, and the guitar riffs are catchy and energetic. It’s the kind of song you can stream at late-night gatherings or hype by yourself.

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Follow Me - Neon Space Men

Article photo - SYNTHPOP SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

If you're looking for some catchy and upbeat synth-pop tunes to brighten up your day, you might want to check out Neon Spacemen's latest single, Follow Me. This Canadian band combines synth-pop with new wave elements to cook up a blend of retro synth sounds, groovy bass lines, and catchy vocals that will make you want to dance along.

The song is a romantic invitation to escape the mundane and explore the unknown. Take it and lose yourself in the dreamy vibes of this old and new track.

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Out in Space - Pusher

Article photo - SYNTHPOP SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

Next, we have Out In Space, a track that starts with a pulsing bass line and a robotic voice that sets the mood for a space adventure.

The song is a fun and energetic synth-pop track that has a nice balance of synth sounds, from the warm pads to the crisp arpeggios. Add this banger to your “spaced out” playlist in case you might want to join Pusher. on their adventure in space later!

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World Dairy Expo - visualculture

Article photo - SYNTHPOP SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

If you're looking for a song to brighten up your day and make you smile, you might want to check out World Dairy Expo by Bass House. This song is a fun and quirky homage to the annual agricultural event in Wisconsin, featuring catchy hooks, retro synths, and cowbell samples. 

The vocals are playful and humorous, delivering witty lines like I'm a cheesehead, baby and Got milk? I got plenty. The song is a perfect blend of synth-pop and bass house, with a groovy bassline, energetic drums, and sparkling melodies. Check it out!

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Je paye en dividendes - Bernard Grancher

Article photo - SYNTHPOP SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

Moving on, we come across "Je paye en dividendes", an instrumental exploration of catchy synth melodies, groovy bass lines, and digital sound effects that blend together in an energetic style.

If you're a fan of bands like CHVRCHES, MGMT, or The 1975, you'll definitely enjoy this track. You can listen to it on Bandcamp or Spotify, and follow Bernard Grancher on their social media for more updates.

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Article photo - SYNTHPOP SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

Confession is a catchy synth-pop track by MLWRE, a solo artist from Italy. It has a pulsing bass line, bright synth melodies, and the kind of vocals that create a nostalgic mood perfect for a drive. 

The lyrics are about confessing your feelings to someone you like, and the chorus is catchy and easy to sing along. The song has a retro vibe that reminds of the 80s and 90s pop music, but with a modern twist. 

Does your playlist have a spot for that one song that makes you want to dance and confess your love? Then add CONFESSION (?) now!

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Shadow in the Night - Max Cruise

Article photo - SYNTHPOP SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

Shadow in the Night combines retro synth sounds with modern production and vocals, creating a nostalgic yet fresh vibe. The chorus has memorable noir vibes that make you want to snap your fingers and swing your hips to the beat.

Chill to this song next to your loved one or by yourself and enjoy Benjamin Harrison’s original synth-wave and 80s vibes.

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Daddy was Born in the 1900s - Goodbye Charlemagne

Article photo - SYNTHPOP SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

You thought it was impossible to mix nostalgic vibes with futurism? Well, think again, because Daddy was Born in the 1900s is here to add a modern twist to that ol’ 90s vibes!

This track is like a time-traveling rollercoaster, mixing up the old-school vibes with a futuristic twist that's gonna have you hooked. And it's not just about the beats – it's a journey of emotions and memories, bringing back those feelings in a totally new way.

Give it a listen and as you groove, you'll find yourself reminiscing about the past and getting all thoughtful about where we're headed!

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À la rencontre de Barbara - Le Couleur

Article photo - SYNTHPOP SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

Le Couleur is a Montreal-based synth-pop band that blends French lyrics, retro influences, and modern production. Their latest single, La rencontre de Barbara, is a pleasant tune that tells the story of a chance encounter with a mysterious woman. 

If you're looking for a magical and danceable track that will transport you to a different time and place, you should definitely check out La rencontre de Barbara.

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