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Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! June 2024

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Peter Alexander Jobson - Burn the Ration Books of Love

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! June 2024
Photo credit: Paul Husband

Musician, composer, and performer Peter Alexander Jobson's upcoming debut solo album Burn the Ration Books of Love is a reflection on a life lived and lessons learned, delivered with genuine emotion and poetic flair.

The title track, accompanied by a compelling video directed by James Edward Cook, tells the story of Jobson's upbringing in Northumberland. From childhood misadventures to the influences of the Northern variety circuit, Jobson's riveting vocal performance conveys the wisdom of experience as it intertwines with the haunting piano lines, offering us a musical experience that is nothing short of majestic.

Drawing from genres spanning country psychedelia to cocktail jazz, Burn The Ration Books of Love promises a deeply personal and enchanting narrative woven into every note.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the album release on November 15th!

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Mobvibe - Hello

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! June 2024

Hello is everything you need to start your day on a higher note. Taken from Greece-based outfit Mobvibe's latest EP with the same name, the mood-boosting anthem is a summer essential that radiates positivity and joy, combining Beatlesque harmonies with vibrant guitar riffs and modern electronic beats creating a genre they call "Nusixties".

The genre-defying band, from their hometown of Thessaloniki, is redefining what it means to be a modern band, creating a musical revolution filled with the spirit of Britpop, neopsychedelia, and psychedelic rock, all while keeping a foot in indie pop and rock.

Mobvibe is here to make you dance and feel alive. Join their revolution and wake up the hippie dancer inside you!

Treat your ears with their full EP here and keep the good vibes rolling!

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PORTS - Wait Forever

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! June 2024

Wait Forever from PORTS' upcoming second album is a beautiful blend of melodic rock, folk rock, and alt-rock.

The empowering anthem spreads the message of determination in overcoming life's obstacles with its soothing vocals and comforting lyrics "When it collides, you will survive, walk away, don't look back" reminding us to keep going even when things get tough. 

An inspiring song that can easily become a go-to for those reflective, introspective times. 

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Barry Walsh - Rescue Me

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! June 2024

Barry Walsh's Rescue Me is a delightful homage to the golden days of rock and roll, evoking the vibrant era of The Beatles.

Radiant vocals, slashing guitars, and nimble basslines converge to create an utterly invigorating soundscape that bursts forth with a breezy, euphoric vibe, exuding positivity and carefree moments.

So get ready for a journey through musical history—this is a song you won't want to miss!

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Charles James & The Rise - Carry On

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! June 2024
Photo Credit: Charlie Joe Doherty

Carry On by Charles James & The Rise is a serene yet heart-wrenching song about navigating life after a profound loss. Set against their signature cinematic folk style, the band delivers a deeply moving performance, enriched by Steve Wickham's mandolin and strings, and John Doherty's backing vocals, underscoring the atmospheric sound that defines them.

Inspired by the passing of Charles James' father, the song delicately portrays the heartbreaking realization of loss, offering us a soul-stirring narrative of grief and acceptance.

Anticipation builds for what's to come with their forthcoming debut album slated for release early next year!

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Blackwater Railroad Company - Rooster

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! June 2024

Rooster by Alaska-based folk-rockers Blackwater Railroad Company is a jubilant celebration of life's simple pleasures. Taken from their upcoming album A Lovely Place to Die set for release on July 12th, this feel-good anthem exudes a soulful, old-school vibe that enriches their signature folk-rock style.

With high-spirited textures of saxophone and B3 organ that practically demand a dance-off, Rooster's energetic groove is exactly what you need to pump up your day with excitement and creativity.

Blackwater Railroad Company shine brightly on Rooster offering a compelling preview of what promises to be an exhilarating album.

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Crones - Arsenic

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! June 2024

Indie-alt-post punk rebels Crones are here to shake up the scene, and they're doing it with style, substance, and a sound that's as bold as it is unforgettable.

Arsenic is a riff-driven juggernaut taken from Crones' upcoming album Human Error set for release on September 13. Frontman Nathan Kelly's scorching vocals collide with desert rock riffs to form an explosive soundscape bursting with energy and thought-provoking lyricism.

The song dives deep into how the past influences the future, posing questions about destiny, change, and significance with an intensity that demands to be felt.

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Hendrika - I Can't Remember

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! June 2024

I Can't Remember, the title track from multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and composer Hendrika's upcoming EP, is an enchanting fusion of genres, blending traditional folk elements with a modern twist.

Hendrika's gentle, captivating vocals, paired with unique percussion instruments, lead listeners on a cathartic journey through life's deepest hardships and existential reflections.

This beautifully crafted multi-genre soundscape sets a high bar for her EP, set to drop on September 7th.

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JC Miller - Before Nightfall

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! June 2024

JC Miller's Before Nightfall is a majestic blend of Americana and Southern rock. The Detroit-born, Southern California-based guitarist and songwriter crafts a track rich in historical atmosphere, inspired by his deep roots in vintage Americana.

Collaborating with producer Marty Rifkin (Tom Petty, Glen Campbell), Miller draws lyrical inspiration from The Santa Fe Trails Diaries, creating a lush storytelling masterclass that transports listeners to bygone eras with a contemporary touch.

A profoundly moving anthem that transcends time and place, embodying the timeless spirit of Americana. 

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A Shoreline Dream feat. Mark Gardener - Everything Turns 

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! June 2024

Mark Gardener of RIDE ventures beyond his iconic band, joining forces with Colorado-based A Shoreline Dream on their latest single Everything Turns, a first taste from their upcoming album Whitelined, slated for release on July 19th.

Gardener's timeless musical sensibilities blend flawlessly with A Shoreline Dream's distinctive post-punk style, to form an eerie instrumentation where lush vocals and turbulent percussion converge.

Lyrically, Everything Turns explores the increasing dominance of technology in our lives, touching on its potential to isolate despite promises of connection.

Reflective, haunting, and immersive, Everything Turns strikes a deep chord with all of us.

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Halvcirkel - Good Medicine

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! June 2024

Good Medicine by Danish string ensemble Halvcirkel showcases their mastery of pizzicato, where strings are plucked rather than bowed, accompanied by a dreamlike video that perfectly complements the playful melody.

The song is from their recently released album Vida, an exploration of contemporary classical and experimental music techniques like col legno and pizzicato, skillfully crafting musical portraits of Nordic landscapes.

Halvcirkel's musical exploration of these landscapes goes beyond mere homage; it's a journey through sound that embraces minimalist aesthetics while establishing their unique voice in the genre.

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9-Volt Velvet - Hurricane Brain

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! June 2024

Dallas indie dreamgaze outfit 9-Volt Velvet storms onto the scene with Hurricane Brain, a thunderous banger from their debut album Nude Beaches.

The explosive single melds the ferocity of post-punk and alt-rock with the ethereal textures of shoegaze. Fuzzed-out guitars, earth-shattering bass, and hypnotic vocals converge to create an exhilarating soundscape that we absolutely dig.

Listen to the full album here

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