SONGS WE LOVED! 23-29 May 2022

Take a break from your everyday life and escape with some of the best new song releases!

Featuring Lauren Monroe, James Vincent McMorrow, Cade Hoppe, Star2, MONTE, Sangstaa, Jillian Lake, Cannon, Tooloud, and Lia Rye.

By Chris RoditisMusicngear Lead Editor

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 23-29 May 2022

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Lauren Monroe - If You Want

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 23-29 May 2022
Photo by Rick Allen

Singer, songwriter, and healing artist Lauren Monroe graces the music scene once again with her signature soulful voice, with the release of her new single If You Want. Taken from her highly anticipated album Messages from Aphrodite, If You Want is an Americana masterpiece, overflowing with flawless vocals, heartfelt melodies and inspiring lyrics, that spread the message of positivity, love, and healing. 

Monroe inspires through her sayings: "In every moment we have a choice to live in love or in fear. To live in love or anger, in love or worry. In every moment we have the opportunity to choose love over and over again. I believe that love is not just a feeling, it is a place, a home, a sanctuary of hope and meaning, but only if you choose it.”

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James Vincent McMorrow - Hurricane

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 23-29 May 2022
Photo by Emma McMorrow

Taken from Irish singer-songwriter-producer James Vincent McMorrow's upcoming album The Less I Knew set for release on June 24th, Hurricane is an uplifting anthem filled with feel-good vibes and with vocals that absolutely shine through the song. A refreshing sonic journey that you're sure to love!

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Cade Hoppe - Everything That’s Wrong With You

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 23-29 May 2022

Singer/songwriter Cade Hoppe's new EP Everything That’s Wrong With You is a gorgeous 5-song collection with lush, dreamy vocals and soft melodies that are sure to immerse you in a world of magical indie-pop soundscapes. The perfect music to relax and escape to your own world!

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Star2 ft. $tupid Young - Big Bands

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 23-29 May 2022

Asian-American singer, songwriter, and rapper Star2 joined forces with acclaimed rapper, $tupid Young to shake up the music industry with their mind-blowing single and animated video Big Bands - taken off of Star2's EP Real Life that is already making waves.

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MONTE - I Hate Me More

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 23-29 May 2022

New-York based punk rockers MONTE is sure to make your brain do backflips with their explosive, absolutely addictive single I Hate Me More - a contagious blend of intense performances, ripping riffs, and a heavy bass solo that is guaranteed to stoke the flames of your rock spirit!

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Sangstaa - Dear Rosé

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 23-29 May 2022

Asian American artist Sangstaa's new indie-pop meets alt R&B gem Dear Rosé is a powerful exploration of love, loss, and remembering someone from a distance. An emotional & confessional anthem, filled with honesty, vulnerability, and intimate vocals that are sure to tug at your heartstrings. Listen to Dear Rosé and feel the emotions!

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Jillian Lake - Bleed Baby Bleed

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 23-29 May 2022

Taken from indie artist Jillian Lake's new album Younger Than, Bleed Baby Bleed is like a refreshing breeze on a hot day. A beautiful and touching song wrapped in a fresh and eclectic sound with Jillian's light and airy vocals transporting you to dreamy places.

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Cannon - College Friends

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 23-29 May 2022

College is a time when we're being social and making new friends, but it's also a time when we set our goals and work towards our dreams. South-Carolina based singer/songwriter Cannon explores exactly this balance with his eclectic mix of alternative rock, hip hop, and garage pop - College Friends - a powerful banger that speaks to the heart of many young people today.

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Tooloud feat Kenny Joyce - Miss You

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 23-29 May 2022

French producer and musician Tooloud, pays a poignant tribute to the legendary rock & roll band The Rolling Stones, with his vibrant song Miss You. An infectious blend of electronic and rock vibes wrapped in Kenny Joyce's haunting vocals that are guaranteed to lift your spirits!

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Lia Rye - Fever Dream

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 23-29 May 2022

Emerging 18 year-old London based musician Lia Rye's debut EP Fever Dream, ​is a heartfelt collection of 5 alt pop/rock​​​​​ songs with poignant, honest lyrics and gorgeous, soothing vocals that are sure to captivate. A brilliant testament to her talent and of what to expect from the rising musician in the future.

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