SONGS WE LOVED! 18-24 April 2022

Brighten up your mood with our eclectic mix of the BEST new song releases!

Featuring Jamie Beale, Thompson Springs, Belau, Akacia, Maddox Jones, Palps, Ralph of London, Lisa Wright, Dodo, Rinchere and Joey Harkum

By Chris RoditisMusicngear Lead Editor

Article photo -  SONGS WE LOVED! 18-24 April 2022

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Jamie Beale - Borderline 

Article photo -  SONGS WE LOVED! 18-24 April 2022

Bristol-based singer/songwriter Jamie Beale spreads his powerful vibes on the airwaves with his new single Borderline. Taken from his upcoming debut album set for release later this year, Borderline features an intoxicating fusion of indie-rock, dream-pop and acid-funk that will leave you mesmerized.

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Thompson Springs - Time Goes Through Me

Article photo -  SONGS WE LOVED! 18-24 April 2022

The Chicago-based alt-country band Thompson Springs keep ascending their musical talents to new heights with the release of their gorgeous new album Homefield. Taken from the album, Time Goes Through Me is an incredible musical powerhouse with rich, soulful vocals flowing over haunting harmonies. A true testament to the band's skill, talent, and artistry.

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Belau feat Akacia - Dreamstate

Article photo -  SONGS WE LOVED! 18-24 April 2022

The emerging electronica duo Belau is back with a new single that will have you dreaming of the tropics. Featuring Akacia's soothing, ethereal vocals, Dreamstate is a light and airy lofi R'n'b anthem that promises to transport you to a dreamy summer soundscape.

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Maddox Jones - Beautiful Soul

Article photo -  SONGS WE LOVED! 18-24 April 2022

Taken from British singer-songwriter Maddox Jones's highly anticipated dance-pop debut album Believe It released on the April 8, Beautiful Soul is a heartfelt gem that melts together with Maddox's impassionate vocal performance, creating an exquisite soundscape you won't want to miss.

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Palps - Love, Always 

Article photo -  SONGS WE LOVED! 18-24 April 2022

Stoke the flames of your rock spirit with Essex-based rock band Palps' latest emotionally charged single Love, Always from their upcoming album Black Heart set for release later this year. With poignant lyrics, haunting guitars and an explosive drumming performance Love, Always speaks from the perspective of someone who's been tortured by lost love.

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Ralph of London - White Bred Blues 

Article photo -  SONGS WE LOVED! 18-24 April 2022

White Bred Blues is the leading single of the alternative-pop band, Ralph of London's new five-track EP, Yellow Sky Highway. The single is accompanied by a thought-provoking music video, which follows a former homeless man who had been living on the streets of Bristol for over 20 years.

COOL FACT: Alongside the release of the EP, the band launched an online climate-conscious video game where players can win free access to their music.

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Lisa Wright - Ready Now

Article photo -  SONGS WE LOVED! 18-24 April 2022

Essex-based singer/songwriter Lisa Wright brings her beautiful voice to the music scene with her latest tender soul deposit about trusting in love and letting yourself be loved. Ready Now is a beautiful heart-wrenching anthem with Wright's dreamy vocals absolutely shining through the song. 

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Dodo ft. Puzzls - Find My Way

Article photo -  SONGS WE LOVED! 18-24 April 2022

Escape to an otherworldly soundscape with Find My Way. Taken from Dodo's debut EP The Mystery of TimeDodo joined forces with Puzzls to create an ethereal masterpiece, filled with stunningly seductive vocals and enchanting harmonies that are sure to captivate you.

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Rinchere feat Var Brown The World Watching

Article photo -  SONGS WE LOVED! 18-24 April 2022

Queens-based rapper Rinchere uses his music to speak out on important issues regarding the current state of the world, with his latest awakening hip hop anthem The World Watching. Featuring fellow artist Var Brown, Rinchere aims to challenge and inspire with powerful and thought-provoking lyricism.

The World Watching is from Rinchere's upcoming album Retrospect set to be released on April 22nd.

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Joey Harkum - Loving Arms

Article photo -  SONGS WE LOVED! 18-24 April 2022

Acclaimed singer/songwriter Joey Harkum's Americana/folk masterpiece Salt and Tar is guaranteed to immerse you in a world of magical soundscapes. Taken from the album, Loving Arms is a mesmerizing single, with a haunting acoustic guitar accompaniment and Harkum's soulful vocals pushing the boundaries of Americana/folk.

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