SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 September 2023

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Featuring Harry Stafford, Marco Butcher, Cash & Carter, Magnetic Skies, WESSON, Tyler Gunn, Berkley, Ester, Karamelien, Black Rose Burning, E.G. Phillips, and Eighty Ninety

By Chris RoditisMusicngear Lead Editor

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 September 2023

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Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher - Walk among the Spectres

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 September 2023

Walk among the Spectres is a collaborative masterpiece by Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher. Their latest album We Are The Perilous Men is a visceral journey through the depths of our human experience, seamlessly blending post-punk, blues, and soul-stirring singer-songwriter prowess.

In Walk Among The Spectres, the duo delve into the very essence of our existence, our transient mortality, and do so amidst the hauntingly beautiful backdrop of Southern Cemetery in Didsbury South Manchester, a place steeped in history and mystique. The track is an evocative reminder of our fleeting time on this earth, delivered with a raw, unfiltered intensity that etches itself into your soul, reminding us that we are indeed perilous men, navigating the enigmatic landscape of existence.

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Cash & Carter - Americana (Letting Her Go)

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 September 2023

Americana (Letting Her Go) is an emotionally charged anthem from the rising country duo Cash & Carter, a taste of what's to come on their highly anticipated debut EP slated for early 2024.

Dealing with the profound sorrow of losing a close friend to suicide, Americana (Letting Her Go) is a poignant tribute and a cathartic journey through grief's tumultuous waters. It's a raw, unfiltered journey through pain and healing, an honest reflection of life's most profound challenges.

Drawing inspiration from legends like The Eagles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Johnny Cash and June Carter, Cash & Carter infuse their music with a refreshing authenticity that redefines the modern Americana landscape.

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Magnetic Skies - Fading Lights

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 September 2023

Fading Lights is a striking glimpse into Magnetic Skies' forthcoming debut album Empire Falling on November 3rd.

The electrifying single doesn't hold back, propelling you into a relentless sonic odyssey with pulsating beats and haunting lyrics that cry out 'Hold me tonight.'

The thematic underpinning of addiction adds a layer of intense urgency, as the band expertly weaves desperation into the very fabric of their electrifying synth-driven soundscapes. With soaring vocals, Magnetic Skies delivers a mesmerizing, high-octane experience that promises their album will be nothing short of a synthpop masterpiece.

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Mike Gale - Summer Be Gone

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 September 2023

Summer Be Gone is an absolute ray of sunshine, an infectiously feel-good anthem that envelops you in warmth and positivity. The accompanying video features the artist KIMVI and transports you to the serene landscapes of Suzhou, China.

The song is just a taste of the magic you'll find in indie folk-pop artist Mike Gale's latest album, Thanks for Always Waving - a treasure trove of rich and thoughtful indie pop, drawing inspiration from the diverse sounds of the world and folk music.

Do yourself a favor and listen to the full album here; it's a musical journey you won't want to miss.

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WESSON - Second Chances

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 September 2023

Second Chances is a sonic breath of fresh air, a buoyant and summery track that radiates feel-good vibes from the British alt/rock outfit WESSON. It's a poignant reflection on the past, on those moments when we yearn for a chance to rewrite history but must come to terms with the unchangeable. We've all been down that road of regret, yet it's the hope for a 'second chance' that propels us forward, driving us to grow and strive for better.

However, this song beautifully captures the essence of coming to terms with our past, embracing it as part of our narrative. Its fusion of modern production with a retro flair beautifully encapsulates the song's timelessness, bridging the past and present.

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Tyler Gunn - A Million Miles

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 September 2023
Photos by Joshua Will

The latest offering from the Canadian artist and producer is a mesmerizing contemplation of the enigmatic role of suffering in our existence. Gunn's artistry shines as he masterfully navigates the boundaries of sonic exploration, fusing together the known and the uncharted in a way that feels invigorating and fresh.

With an almost hauntingly dark ambiance, the song unleashes wailing guitars, thundering percussion, and a foreboding bassline, all underscored by the rhythmic prowess of percussionist Matt Johnson. Together, these elements conjure a haunting and ethereal aura that's as spellbinding as it is chilling, inviting listeners on a thought-provoking sonic journey that defies convention.

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Berkley - Pueblo Nights

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 September 2023

Indie pop artist Berkley invites us to walk the streets of his past and discover the universality of his journey through the enthralling notes of his debut album Pueblo - a captivating journey that unravels the artist's personal memories of his formative years in Pueblo, Colorado.

Within this musical odyssey, Berkley offers a window not only into his songwriting prowess but into the very essence of his being. Through the lens of trauma, themes of healing and forgiveness emerge, revealing that writing about his hometown inherently means writing about himself and the intricate tapestry of relationships that define his journey.

With its breezy pop melodies carried by the tremors of electric guitar and glistening keyboards, this is authentic and relatable pop-rock infused with a hint of Americana and the timeless echoes of 70's AM rock. Listen to the full album here.

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Ester - Seed, Sun, Soil

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 September 2023

Indie-folk artist Ester's Seed, Sun, Soil is a poignant ode to a fading house plant, serving as a heartfelt elegy for a life you once nurtured. The evocative track is the second single from Ester's upcoming EP Laundry, scheduled for release in November.

With its gentle rhythm, it weaves a delicate tapestry of rising and falling vocal melodies, enhanced by the enchanting presence of Katelyn Cohen, on the cello.

The song encapsulates the profound sadness of witnessing the demise of something you've lovingly grown and tended to, a sentiment that resonates with anyone who has experienced the bittersweet beauty of nurturing life.

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Karamelien - Living With The Moon

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 September 2023

UK indiepop duo Karamelien introduces their latest single, Living With The Moon, the title track from their upcoming album scheduled for release on October 27.

This vibrant and upbeat guitar-driven song is an exuberant celebration of the journey to coexist harmoniously with mental health challenges, embracing them, and reveling in the liberating sensation of simply 'going with the flow. It's an ode to triumph amidst adversity and, above all, a contagious indie pop gem with an irresistibly catchy hook that has the power to embed itself in your mind, lingering there for days on end!

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Black Rose Burning - Fight!

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 September 2023

Black Rose Burning's latest electrifying single, Fight!, packs a punch as the ultimate preview of their upcoming Ad Astra album, set for release on September 15.

The song delves into the perspective of someone trapped in an unsatisfying relationship, one where they've all but surrendered, yet find themselves unable or unwilling to bring it to an end.

It's a compelling exploration of the intricate web of human bonds, all set to the commanding backdrop of alternative rock, promising a thrilling musical journey and setting the stage for what's sure to be an exhilarating experience when the full album drops.

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E.G. Phillips - I Am the One Who Ghosts

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 September 2023

E.G. Phillips unveils a sultry and thoughtful masterpiece with I Am The One Who Ghosts, a mesmerizing blend of atmospheric and jazzy elements, featuring the velvety vocals of Spanish artist Mar Vilaseca. This marks the third tantalizing glimpse into Phillips' forthcoming EP, Outlaw The Dead.

With this song, Phillips adopts what he describes as an "interesting and assertive approach" to explore the ubiquitous phenomenon known as 'ghosting,' a behavior often criticized by others yet casually indulged in by many. As the narrative unfolds, I Am The One Who Ghosts takes on a confessional tone, intertwining it with a touch of cynicism. 

It's a musical journey that's as thought-provoking as it is musically enchanting, making it a standout addition to his upcoming EP.

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Eighty Ninety - The Hard Way

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 September 2023

Indie-pop duo Eighty Ninety is back in the spotlight with their latest single, The Hard Way, offering yet another enticing glimpse into their forthcoming debut album set for release later this year. 

This track is a genuine emotional rollercoaster, a contemplative love song that hits all the right notes. It opens with those hauntingly beautiful piano chords that perfectly complement Abner's mellifluous vocals creating a cozy atmosphere that draws you in

It's a beautiful ode to the bravery of choosing love, no matter how many obstacles life throws in your path. Eighty Ninety has a way of weaving raw emotion into their music, and The Hard Way is undeniably no exception.

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