SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 March 2024

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Featuring Hollow Coves, Alberta Cross, WESSON, Seán Joyce, Lovelorn Dolls, Onceweresixty, Gramercy Arms, Jack Francis, Nick Hudson, and SOLAR EYES

By Chris RoditisMusicngear Lead Editor

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 March 2024

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Hollow Coves - Nothing to Lose

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 March 2024

After a five-year hiatus, Hollow Coves return with Nothing To Lose, a poignant exploration of disconnecting from the frenetic pace of contemporary life and rediscovering the joy in nature's simplicity.

This album serves as a melodic compass, guiding us through serene surf mornings along the Gold Coast, venturing into the vast wilderness of the American West, and finding solace in the art of craftsmanship.

Through their indie/folk lens, the Brisbane duo crafts a sonic journey rich in gratitude, perspective, and the beauty of the mundane. Each of the eleven tracks is a reminder of the small wonders and significant dreams that shape our existence, delivered with the duo's signature mellifluous vocals and a unique sound that stirs the soul.

Nothing To Lose is an invitation to pause, breathe, and find the extraordinary in every day. In their own unique way, Hollow Coves soothe, inspire, and gently remind us of the infinite possibilities that life offers when we choose to see beyond the immediate.

Treat your ears to the full album here.

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Alberta Cross - Watch Me Fall Down

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 March 2024

In Alberta Cross' latest single Watch Me Fall Down, we take a deep dive into the multifaceted nature of fatherhood. The emotive narrative is wrapped in a cocoon of contagious rhythms, evocative vocals and ethereal soundscapes, all while navigating the emotional complexities of paternal bonds.

Singer and guitarist Petter Ericson Stakee's lyrics portray the contrasting views children hold of their fathers, juxtaposed against the raw, often hidden struggles faced by parents. His voice, rich and emotive, creates a space to explore the fragile threads of family relationships.

Watch Me Fall Down is a bold, honest, and beautifully unsettling exploration of familial love and the silent battles within. 

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WESSON - Stay the Same (Acoustic Version)

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 March 2024

WESSON's acoustic anthem Stay the Same offers a glimpse into the psyche of someone perpetually viewing life through a pessimistic lens, where the glass always seems half empty.

Taken from their four-track acoustic collection of the same name (listen here), WESSON pay homage to the influence of 60s bands, blending laid-back vibes, and gentle vocals with an easy-listening charm.

The infectious allure of their sound is undeniable, weaving its way into your ears until you inevitably find yourself harmonizing with their lush sound.

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Seán Joyce - My Face

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 March 2024
Photo Credit: Ruadhán Butler

The Face is an emotional tour de force driven by a compelling piano melody, with Seán Joyce, demonstrating a remarkable ability to convey emotion through his affecting vocals, particularly evident in his powerful falsetto delivery.

The evocative soundscape Joyce has crafted is nothing short of a soul-stirring journey that transports you to the very core of his powerful narrative.

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Lovelorn Dolls - A Heart Cries

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 March 2024

In A Heart Cries, the dark goth metal pop duo comprised of Kristell Lowagie and Bernard Daubresse, offers a glimpse into their forthcoming fourth album, Deadtime Stories, set to release on May 17.

The track combines industrial uptempo sections in the chorus with melodic midtempo verses, showcasing a versatile and dynamic musical approach, with Kristell's vocals being deeply haunting and expressive.

The song explores the delicate balance between survival and surrender, offering solace to those grappling with the quest for meaning amidst moments of despair.

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Onceweresixty - Pills

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 March 2024

Indie rock trio Onceweresixty's latest single Pills crashes through the indie rock scene with the force of a tidal wave, boldly confronting the shadowy topic of psychotic medicine abuse.

Taken from their upcoming album Loco Sunset Boulevard / Ghetto Blast Noise Machine out on March 22, Pills is a raw, energetic outpouring of emotion, driven by a lethal cocktail of gritty guitar riffs, relentless drum beats, and radiant vocals, that deliver a powerful message with clarity and intensity.

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Gramercy Arms - After the After Party

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 March 2024

Gramercy Arms' After the After Party is a power pop anthem that spins a tale of what-ifs and what-could-have-beens, all while keeping your foot tapping to its invigorating rhythm.

Taken from their upcoming fourth album The Making Of the Making Of set to drop on April 26, After the After Party sweeps you into its vibrant soundscape, with vocals that are nothing short of exhilarating, balancing perfectly the fine line between joy and melancholy. 

And it's this combination of spirited music with reflective lyrics that crafts a beautiful paradox - a happy-sad song that mirrors the bittersweet nature of our choices.

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Jack Francis - Failure

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 March 2024

Failure sees Americana multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Jack Francis navigating the capricious landscape of the music industry with a refreshing dose of ironic humor.

Taken from his forthcoming album Early Retirement, set to drop on March 22nd, Francis balances irony with humility in lyrics like 'No money in my future, no gown made of silk... They say the cream rises to the top, I guess I'm the milk.'

Despite the thematic irony, Failure pulses with a feel-good rhythm over a backdrop of gospel-inspired harmonies, lively guitar lines, and ethereal organ chords, perfectly complemented by Francis' genuine and buoyant vocals.

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Nick Hudson - Khevsureti

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 March 2024

Khevsureti, from British experimental pop artist Nick Hudson's album Kanda Teenage Honey (dropping today), unfolds as a sonic pilgrimage to Khevsureti, a mountainous region in Northern Georgia.

Hudson channels the rugged beauty and pagan energy of Khevsureti into musical poetry, sharing his personal journey of escape from the city's chaos to find solace in nature's embrace. With haunting vocals set against an otherworldly, eerie soundscape, Khevsureti becomes a secular hymn, expressing gratitude to the region for its role as a sanctuary during moments of grief and a source of ecstatic inspiration.

The music video was directed, filmed, and edited by Hudson himself, providing a visual journey through the enchanting landscapes of Georgia, and capturing Hudson's profound connection to the region.

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SOLAR EYES - (At Least) Paranoia Loves You

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 11-17 March 2024

Birmingham-based duo SOLAR EYES set the sonic cosmos ablaze with (At Least) Paranoia Loves You from their recently dropped debut album (listen here).

Crafted by Glenn Smyth and Sebastian Maynard Francis, the song emerges as a riveting punk-infused anthem, brimming with fervent vocals set against a wall of Krautrock beats.

Αbsolutely glorious from start to finish. 

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