Songs We Liked - September 10, 2021

This is our roundup of the ten HOTTEST submissions - among dozens that arrived in our inbox, that stepped up and got their name on the game. Enjoy!

Featuring ROSI, Roof Dogs, RP Shew, Aisha Badru, Guaranteed Feeling, Cassie Marin, The Prototypes & Noisy, Harper Starling, Noel McKay, Michael Damani, and Zsüd

By Chris RoditisMusicngear Lead Editor

Article photo - Songs We Liked - September 10, 2021

ROSIE - "Sad Sad Sad"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - September 10, 2021

Sad Sad Sad is taken off of singer/songwriter ROSIE's debut EP, due for release this fall. Rosie's voice is flawless and the lyrics are so well crafted it puts you in her place, making you feel sad, frustrated, empowered, and beautiful all at once, making Sad Sad Sad an intimate song, filled with honesty and vulnerability.

Rosie says on the song:  "The song represents acceptance and how, after a full year of healing and growing, sadness can still creep in. This feeling is a reminder that sometimes there are certain scars that never go away, and when sadness is accepted it can serve as a lesson to never repeat the same mistake twice"

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Roof Dogs - "Six Blocks" - RP Shew  Remix

Article photo - Songs We Liked - September 10, 2021

RP Shew breathed new life into Roof Dogs' garage rock song Six Blocks, transforming it into a captivating, dance jam with a powerful and energetic beat!

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Aisha Badru - "The Way Back Home"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - September 10, 2021 
Choto credit: Jeffery Trapani

Celebrate the journey of musical discovery with singer-songwriter Aisha Badru's latest masterpiece - the first release taken off of her highly anticipated EP The Way Back Home out on December 3rd. This atmospheric piece is a magical journey that melts together Aisha's soothing voice with dreamy folk, creating an exquisite soundscape you won't want to miss.

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Guaranteed Feeling - "Make A Move"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - September 10, 2021
Photo Credit: Emma Bilyeu

Brand new from the waters of Chicago, Guaranteed Feeling has been creating a buzz with their debut single Make a Move. The awesome power-pop band consists of  Ryan “Hoagie Wesley” Ensley of Sonny Falls, Alex Reindl of Old Joy, and producer Michael Mac. If you're feeling sad, Make A Move is a step in the right direction. If you're feeling lost or confused, Make A Move is a track you will always keep on your playlist.

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Cassie Marin - "Busy Body"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - September 10, 2021
Photo Credit: Sergey Nikitenko

Vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Cassie Marin is back with her latest single, Busy Body. Cassie’s vocals glide across an underwater sea of indie-electronica beats and melodic synths that will whisk you away to a simpler time.

"Busy Body is about being a loner in a world where cliques never cease to exist,” Cassie says on the song.

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The Prototypes & Noisy - "Alive"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - September 10, 2021

The British drum and bass duo The Prototypes explode onto the scene ripping up the dance floors with their slinky brand new single Alive featuring a dynamic collaboration with three-piece indie/dance outfit Noisy.

Speaking on the song, The Prototypes say: "Working with NOISY to make Alive was complete chemistry from start to finish. We had been listening to them for a while and loved their raw style and influences of rave culture from past and future in the music. Creating Alive with them was a pleasure as it all happened so naturally for all of us"

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Harper Starling - "No More What If"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - September 10, 2021

Top dance-pop artist Harper Starling is taking the scene by storm with her new infectious single No More What If, giving dance-pop music a refreshing new breath of air.

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Noel McKay - "The 50 Loneliest Places in the Nation"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - September 10, 2021

Get into the mood for singer/songwriter Noel McKay's anticipated album release on October 3rd, with his first single The 50 Loneliest Places in the Nation - a musical gem with beautiful lyrics, and haunting melody.

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Michael Damani - "Better Off"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - September 10, 2021

Up-and-coming Chicago guitarist Michael Damani returned with his first solo release Better Off, a musical gem that you'll fall in love with its soulful, heartfelt tunes and gentle, flowing notes.

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Zsüd - "Bonnie"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - September 10, 2021

Get ready to chill out under the light of the night sky with Zsüd's sensational song Bonnie. With its refreshing sound and Zsüd's gentle warm vocals, this feel-good song is bound to lift your spirits.

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