Songs We Liked - March 2021

The first Songs We Liked series of 2021 - here are some of the best new releases to get you through the day!

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - Songs We Liked - March 2021

Kerri Watt - Band of Gold

Article photo - Songs We Liked - March 2021

Taken from Kerri’s new album ‘Neptune’s Daughter’- ‘Band of Gold’ sounds like your favourite feel good song from childhood (reminds me of my Lizzie McGuire days); inducing a rush of happiness and nostalgia for the best country pop songs of the late 90s/early 2000s. 

On the song, Kerri said “Band of Gold was one of those songs that basically wrote itself. It just kind of flowed out of me in about 30 minutes and I knew it was gonna be a goodie!”

The video for ‘Band of Gold’ provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the ‘Neptune’s Daughter’ recording sessions; which features some of the best musicians in America, including Allen Golden Jr, Jonas Wilson, Julian Garguilo, and Zach Landreneau - the album being produced by Machine (Clutch, Lamb Of God, Fallout Boy). One of the best releases of 2021 so far - and possesses the warmth and joy that most of us crave right now.

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Lauren Housley - Stay Awake To Dream

Article photo - Songs We Liked - March 2021

The newest release from singer/songwriter Lauren Housley is taken from her debut album Girl From The North (due for release April 23rd) and was distributed via her own label Lovebird Recordings. The music video for Stay Awake To Dream was filmed at an abandoned airport just outside Nashville; the results being a deeply hypnotic visual work. The artist plays guitar in a burnt orange dress and retro sunglasses, set against a desolate backdrop; the filming and styling of the video possessing the deep, melancholy feelings of a flashback or memory. The story that is woven in the lyrics is unrelenting and at times cut right through you with devastating realizations; ‘I made the decision/ To be no angry man’s wife/ 14 and knowing/ To say no to his life’. A masterful songwriter and lyricist. 

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The Art Crimes Band - In The Dark Of The Evening

Article photo - Songs We Liked - March 2021

The Cork based band kick off 2021 with new single  ‘In The Dark Of The Evening’; which is a deliciously smooth, funk and soul infused track - with a hint of mystery emulating the unknown of what is to come. 

On the single drummer Niall Dennehy says “This is a pivotal moment for us as we turn our backs on the typical bar gigging scene of 8 years and we will now focus solely on developing our career as an original outfit. The pandemic lockdown enabled The Art Crimes Band to re-evaluate the bands trajectory and new single’ is the first step with a new album expected later in 2021”.

The single’s slick sound was accomplished by legendary mastering engineer Miles Showell (The Beatles, Phil Collins, Police, Amy Winehouse, Queen) at Abbey Road Studios, London. Made for the light of evening turning to dark; and the promise and anticipation that brings. 

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Matt Cardle - Purple Crayon

Article photo - Songs We Liked - March 2021

The first single from the X-Factor winner and West End star’s upcoming studio album - which was written, recorded and produced entirely by Matt in his own studio during lockdown.

Opening up about the track, the singer-songwriter says; “Purple Crayon is a song about my struggles with addiction to Valium and the escape I found through using it. The song’s emotions are intertwined with imagery from my favourite children’s book ‘Harold and the Purple Crayon”.

The raw and uncomfortable emotions this song deals with is propelled by the truly spectacular vocal chopping and production featured in the chorus; which sounds slightly like Middle Eastern singing; the results are deeply haunting.

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George Glew - Gravity

Article photo - Songs We Liked - March 2021

Taken from the artist’s new EP ‘Gravity’ - this song of the same name features vast atmospheric synths and delayed guitar; paired with ice like vocals. The song pulsates forward without ever losing momentum ; the auto-tuned vocal chopping/sampling present in the chorus being a masterful production choice; as it gives Gravity an extra,deeply mournful dimension.. To celebrate the release of his EP, George has offered out a free sample pack of various sounds from the EP, to encourage producers to get involved and have their own spin/creative take on the music, download available here.

On the EP George said "I wanted to create an EP that would show the different sides of everything I do without having a particular theme or concept. However, the music itself seems to have a continuity and there definitely is a concept of me looking outside of myself, to something bigger, to help make sense of the things I was going through and I'm glad it turned out that way. I started making it with Jack McManus but as the pandemic hit I ended up finishing the majority of it in my flat but the ambition was to make it sound more than that."

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Dive In Denial - Supernova of Distress

‘Supernova of Distress’ is Dive in Denial’s third single - recorded, mixed and produced by Alex Archodis (the band’s songwriter and singer), featuring lead vocals from Adis (from the band Low Treble). The track opens with truly spectacular production and arrangement on display; a powerful wall of sound reminiscent of grunge fused with 90’s Massive Attack. The accompanied video is a vivid depiction of the ominous dread building throughout the track - featuring Alex and Adis performing the song in a vast industrial warehouse, with shots of dancer and meditation teacher Patty Petropoulou dancing alone in an urban setting in Athens - the video being shot in two different cities , Athens and Thessaloniki (GR) under very difficult circumstances during quarantine.

On the single Alex says ‘The character described in the song’s lyrics is experiencing feelings of numbness , excessive thinking, oppression and distress and is trying to escape by fighting against what is tormenting him and finally quits and escapes to another planet’

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Mark Erelli - Jackpot

Article photo - Songs We Liked - March 2021

Taken from the Massachusetts-based singer/songwriter’s new EP of the same name - ‘Jackpot’ features a toe tapping bassline with Americana guitar slides; solid and effective songwriting and arrangement done well. Reminiscent of Johnny Cash - this is a warm, happy love song that will pick you up right when you need it.

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