Songs We Liked - July 23, 2021

There were dozens of great submissions this week! We really enjoyed getting to know all of these new artists, and having to choose just ten was really tough! So, these are the ten that stepped up and got their name on the game. Enjoy!

Feat Kat Von D, Ali Comerford, Blue Fish Diamond, Littlecigarette, Claire Hawkins, Josh Augustin, BOYOCA, Daydream Review, Lonesome George, Pretty Happy

By Chris RoditisMusicngear Lead Editor

Article photo - Songs We Liked - July 23, 2021

Kat Von D - "I AM NOTHING"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - July 23, 2021

Taken off of Kat Von D's highly anticipated album Love Made Me Do It, due for release on August 27, I AM NOTHING is a slow synthwave masterpiece, that immerses you in a world of love, loss, and healing.

Kat Von D says on the song: "It's about the idea of not being good enough. You feel like you're nothing and lament the memories of the past again. It's the everyday challenge of putting one foot in front of the other when you're running on emotional fumes. You're also coming to terms with the fact it's over"

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Ali Comerford - "Come Home"     

Article photo - Songs We Liked - July 23, 2021 Photo Credits: Shane Hatton Photography

Ali Comerford is once again releasing her amazing voice to the world, with her third and final single Come Home, taken off of her upcoming debut album Knots set to be released on July 29th. 

Ali says on the song: "I wrote this song with someone in mind, but really it’s for anyone who wants to return home but feels that they can’t because too much has happened or too much time has passed. It is a reminder that home will always be there for them. The lyrics are filled with a hopeful longing, “Your bed’s still made, Your place is all set” but as the song continues with the persistent plea of “Come home”, the message gets lost in a sea of turbulent strings".

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Blue Fish Diamond - "Song for Love"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - July 23, 2021

Dublin based, indie-folk band Blue Fish Diamond released a new, dreamy song, a universal message about love that will make you see its true colors. The band also announced the release of their new album Frozen Stars on the Night due for release on October 28 and available for preorder here.

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Littlecigarette - "Certainly In Red"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - July 23, 2021

Look out for a new sound to come in over the airwaves. The rising British producer and artist Littlecigarette shares the new single Certainly In Red following up on the release of his debut single Fur Coat from his upcoming self-produced debut album Omega set for release via Goldie’s label Fallen Tree 1Hundred.

Talking about Certainly In RedLittlecigarette says; “I was definitely willing to break a few structural rules for this song. I built the song around a loop of my vocals asking ‘Why’ - life’s sick question. The instrumental boarders on the hypnotic and psychedelic, which I love. The song comes from a place of pure, restless, coked out energy - bars delivered in a stream of consciousness progress to a falsetto bridge until the beat kicks back in and plays out with its own pretty abstract assortment of sounds.”

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Claire Hawkins - "Small Doses"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - July 23, 2021

Claire Hawkins, the up-and-coming Dublin-based singer, songwriter, and travel vlogger released Small Doses, a wonderful and catchy indie-pop song filled with emotion and powerful lyrics, and is guaranteed to get stuck in your head all day long.

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Josh Augustin - "Man with a Movie Camera"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - July 23, 2021

Josh Augustin's latest solo project is inspired by Dziga Vertov's 1929's Russian silent film Man with a Movie Camera. Combining his interests in analog tape recording, film history, minimalist music, hip-hop, ambient, and dream-pop music, Man with a Movie Camera is an album full of dreamy and inspirational songs.

Talking about Man with a Movie Camera, Josh says; "I first saw Man with a Movie Camera screened with no accompanying soundtrack at Minneapolis’s Walker Art Center, and from that moment on I grew obsessed with Dziga Vertov’s hallucinatory portrait of a rapidly modernizing Soviet Russia. It’s a critical piece of film history I would go on to encounter several times in various film classes during college. There have been several re-scores of Man with a Movie Camera over the years (the original premiered in 1929 with an orchestra but there’s never been an official soundtrack), and I’ve often found that the accompanying music on later DVD reissues did not correspond with the visuals, with bright MIDI-programmed samples and Foley work that felt like an afterthought. From no score to forgettable scores, creating my own became a personal creative goal that I was finally able to undertake last year."

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BOYOCA - "Bamboo Mask"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - July 23, 2021 Photo Credit: NIall O'Connor

The music duo from the UK released their debut single Bamboo Mask to the world. Taken off of their debut EP He's A Fool due on 1st October, Bamboo Mask is a soulful, electronic piece of art with a high-energy mix that will get you up and dancing.

Talking about the track BOYOCA say; "We felt Bamboo Mask would be a great opener to introduce listeners to our colour palette. We're always working to tread the line between hard hitting beats, musicianship, and songwriting which isn't always easy to achieve"

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Daydream Review - "Petals"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - July 23, 2021

Inspired by a mix of classic psychedelic music and disco, Chicago's emerging psychedelic pop artist Daydream Review transports us into a brightly colored and hypnotizing world with his second single Petals taken off of his upcoming self-titled debut EP due to be released on October 1st. 

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Lonesome George - "The Lying Devil" 

Article photo - Songs We Liked - July 23, 2021 Photo Credit: Sophie McAteer Photography

Belfast-based trad/folk quartet Lonesome George shared their new single The Lying Devil, a beautiful and inspiring song for introspection and meditation. With a soothing melody and combining low whistle, mandolin, bodhrán, and guitar, The Lying Devil is sure to put you in a peaceful state.

Talking about the song, songwriter Myles McCormack says: "Born out of frustration with the churches influence in the country, the song expresses a common philosophy among younger generations, of atheism or disillusionment. The lyrics describe a scene in which someone is threatening hell and damnation (the lying devil) and culminate in the succinct chorus “Hell, my hell is heaven as well...” in which the chords become suitably dark or light depending on the words. Whilst being essentially critical of the churches role in today's world, The Lying Devil ultimately lands on a tone of acceptance and compassion around how everyone is entitled to their own belief and interpretation of these indescribable things."

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Pretty Happy - "Sudocream" 

Article photo - Songs We Liked - July 23, 2021 Photo Credit: Nicholas O'Donnell

New EP by Pretty Happy, the artsy punk trio from Cork. Released on July 16th along with accompanying single Sudocream, Sluggers Bridge is an art-punk masterpiece with a strong Irish identity, a wild sound that makes waves and energy that is contagious.

Talking about the EP, Pretty Happy says: “With Sluggers Bridge we have attempted to capture our live theatre-influenced, art-punk sound. We wanted to make this EP as interdisciplinary as possible, incorporating elements of spoken word and taking as much inspiration from the Irish stage as we do the Irish music scene. This EP is uniquely Cork, influenced greatly by the people and humour of the city.” 

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