New Songs We Liked - October 2020

As things get colder - here are some of the best new releases to see you into fall 

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - New Songs We Liked - October 2020

Arvo Party - Kyoto

Article photo - New Songs We Liked - October 2020

A surreal and uneasy electronic production from the Belfast based producer. Kyoto enters with 90s style electronic drums accompanied by a light scattering of glistening synths; before enveloping you into a slightly alien, dreamlike soundscape reflecting both the artwork and the title. Kyoto is what you need in order to soothe your mind and transport yourself to another dimension.


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Sola Rosa - Something Good (feat Thandi Phoenix)

Article photo - New Songs We Liked - October 2020

Taken from the New Zealand producer’s new album ‘Chasing The Sun’ - this track already sounds like an House/Disco/Funk classic. Rising house pads with a funk disco beat; all combined with Thandi Phoenix’s impeccable vocals makes this an instant burst of dopamine. On the process behind the album Sola says:

 “my M.O for this album was not to cut any corners. I wanted to take the time to get it right, and not bow down to external pressures. It was time to reconnect to the music I personally love and that I feel represents Sola Rosa. I like soulful, funky music, and that’s really the kind of album I wanted to make.”


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ELLIP - Soul Food (taken from new album Four Words)

Article photo - New Songs We Liked - October 2020

Taken from the Tallinn based artist’s album Four Words (produced by Nzea) - Soul Food is a wonderful fusion of  Jazz and Hip-Hop delivered over a deliciously smooth beat.  ELLIP has a sultry, soulful voice that adds a mysterious, introspective quality to the track. Speaking about her album Four Words, the artist says:

 “My music is a mixture of everything that inspired me during the writing process. Genres like drum & bass, jazz and hip hop are an influence which are woven together by a common denominator 'electronic music'. A second commonality for all of the songs is the environment it was produced in – between the fields and nature of South-Estonia, the peace of the countryside, no interruptive factors, just pure indulgence in music and creativity. The album is a product of unrevealed emotions, love lessons, memories and life lessons”


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Craic Boi Mental - Matter Of Time

Article photo - New Songs We Liked - October 2020

Taken from the artist’s upcoming album Craic Magic - ‘Matter Of Time’ showcases Craic Boi’s incredible production and hook writing skills. The beat possesses the warmth and sampling style that made 90s/early 2000s Hip-Hop so damn irresistible - this fused with his callback style chorus will make sure that you will never stop listening to this. Check out the video below:

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Farah Elle - Sunblock

Article photo - New Songs We Liked - October 2020

Sunblock is the newest single from artist/musician Farah Elle, taken from her debut album FATIMA - and it is a joy. She is accompanied by a live band (Cian Hanley on drums, Lorcán O’Dwyer on bass, Duane Gallagher and Scott Tobin on production,) with an arrangement reminiscent of Erykah Badu and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Although the track oozes with sunshine - there is a slightly unsettling and haunting element present throughout. On the inspiration behind the track Farah said:

“Being raised in Ireland with a Libyan background, having an eclectic range of cultures influencing me from a very young age and learning that life is not always unicorns and rainbows - I discovered early the importance of self-preservation. ‘Sunblock’ serves as a reminder to reflect on the way we play our role in the world.”

Check out the video below (directed by Cathal Carolan)

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Oh Susanna - Forever At Your Feet

Article photo - New Songs We Liked - October 2020

Taken from her critically acclaimed album ‘Sleepy Little Sailor’ - this is a melancholy and highly vulnerable song from the Americana singer-songwriter. Opening with a hauntingly dark piano intro - her silk-like voice laments over this, accompanied by strings - weaving an uneasy tale of obsessive love and loss, with a slight country influence introducing itself at the chorus with the harmonies. Sounds like it would accompany a gothic fairytale or period piece perfectly - an amazing track.


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Dark Tropics - Moroccan Sun

Article photo - New Songs We Liked - October 2020

‘Moroccan Sun’ is the newest release from Irish pop-noir duo, Dark Tropics. ‘Moroccan Sun’  features a retro, upbeat pop sound - Rio’s vocals sounding like they have been transposed from another time. On the song frontwoman Rio says:

“Moroccan sun was written as a narrative for my first travelling experience fully on my own.“It's letting go of what you believed to be your comfort, your light in life. Understanding that you will always have some constants, but things will change and mould around you, and embracing this brings a new sense of happiness. Taking the step to leave the old behind, move forward into the new and embracing a new chapter.”


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Lomelda - Kisses

Article photo - New Songs We Liked - October 2020

Kisses is taken from Lomelda’s new album Hannah; in which she sings stories of strangers, suns, dogs, moms, brothers, favourite bands, "oh god!"s and big shots as well as herself, by name (Hannah Read). It opens on beautiful, slightly muffled piano chords, with light percussion, with Lomeld’s voice silkily floating over the chords, thoughtfully, almost as if she is just singing to herself. Perfect for autumn, perfect for just taking a moment to think.


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