New Songs We Liked - October 2019

An eclectic, genre-agnostic mix of music submissions that we think would be a great fit for the mood swings of October.

By Chris RoditisMusicngear Lead Editor

Article photo - New Songs We Liked - October 2019Photo: Dearly Beloved


1. Dearly Beloved - "Close Encounters"

Starting off the list are the explosive sounds of Dearly Beloved, set to release their sixth album on October 25 via Future Shock Records. An intense ride of garage punk riffs, raw, crisp guitars and drums that when watched with the accompanying, Johannesburg-shot music video, is sure to have you sniggering at the not so unfamiliar situation. A great way to start off Monday!

The band’s new album Times Square Discount, is described by vocalist/bassist Rob Higgins as “a rabbit hole record” and one partially born of “bingeing on Kubrick and drugs” and ruminating upon such fancies as “How do we make Kubrick and album?” and “How do you make an album version of The Shining?”. The band are also currently on tour with Sebadoh across the UK and Europe, with US headline dates being announced in early 2020.

Find Dearly Beloved on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and at their official website.


2. Robi Mitch - "Our Year"

Article photo - New Songs We Liked - October 2019

Stil not sure what mood you're in yet? Neither are we. Freshly ground, beautiful acoustic ballad "Ghost" by Robi Mitch will certainly put your Monday back on the right track.

Our Year is the debut EP by Bristol's Robi Mitch, scheduled for release on 25th November and deals with themes of progress, nostalgia, alienation and jubilation, through lo-fi indie rock songs flecked with psychedelic influences.

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3. Gracie Martin & The So Beautifuls - "Like Falling Asleep"

Article photo - New Songs We Liked - October 2019

Like Falling Asleep’ is Gracie Martin & The So Beautifuls’ new single, following their 2017 debut EP Unconscious. The new track interrogates the compulsive desire to chase the superficial parts of romance. Martin compares her own pattern of falling in love with the idea of love to an insomniac desperate to fall asleep by any means necessary. ‘Like Falling Asleep’ will be available on all streaming services October 7th.

With a sound inspired by Kate Bush’s ‘Hounds of Love,’ Mario Kart and Martin’s favorite Vine, ‘Like Falling Asleep’ is an enchanting and absurd folk-pop track with a theatrical, sweeping scope. Co-produced by Robby Webb and recorded at Headroom Studios, the song is a Philadelphia labor of love. Gracie Martin & The So Beautifuls will be playing a free show in Dilworth Park on October 3rdto promote the song and celebrate pre-sale having started on the 1st. The music video for the track will be released later this Fall.

Gracie Martin & The So Beautifuls is focused on co-mingling acoustic and electronic sounds. Violin and baritone ukulele meet beats and samples to create a dreamy bed for Martin’s soft but powerful soprano voice and vivid lyrics. The content of her songs temper a childlike whimsy and interest in folklore with explorations of trauma and feminism.

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4. Britt A.M. - "Psychic Knots"

Marrying a punk rock sense of urgency to melodic protest songs Psychic Knots captures Britt A.M. in the midst of an artistic rebirth. From touring nationally as a one-woman band to a new full band arrangement of her vision, Psychic Knots is the most fully realized expression of Britt A.M.'s  music to date.

From the New Wave power-pop of "This is It" and the Pixies-informed, harder-edged "Chicken Suit" to the loping, cyclical intensity of "Mirrors", Psychic Knots covers a wide array of both emotion and musical genre. The immediacy and intensity of the music of Psychic Knots is matched by the biting lyrical insight that Britt A.M. brings to topics including self-worth and empowerment ("Enough"), gendered oppression ("Girl Thing"), past trauma ("Lead"), and existence during late-stage capitalism ("Miles").

PSYCHIC KNOTS is now available on all digital formats, support by purchasing HERE.

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5. Cloud 9+ - "Mixtape" 

After the band's previous albums "Supernova" & "The Next Step", Cloud 9+ released "Mixtape" which was introduced to the audience live on the 5th of July, at Budapest Park.

"Mixtape" has 10 tracks, half of which have been released previously and have conquered the Hungarian audience and music industry. The album - as suggested by its name - works its magic through different genres - from drum and bass to pop, rock and dubstep, spiced with Hungarian and English lyrics. The album contains unique collaborations with Hungarian bands and performers such as AWS ("Viszlát nyár"), Deego, Hősök, ("A Város Visszavár"), Járai Márk, Fura Csé ("Valaki Mondja El") and Mc Fedora ("It's Monday").

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6. Belau - "Essence" ft. Sophie Barker

The budapest-based electronica duo, Belau returned with a heartwarming new single from the upcoming and long-awaited sophomore full-length featuring the legendary Sophie Barker from UK, who was best known from one of the band's top inspirational record, 'Simple Things' by Zero 7.

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7. Tamarin - "Holy Water"

We have previously covered JAKE, now he's back with new project Tamarin and a fresh tune with an interesting clip. 

Bringing together elements of Talking Heads, Childish Gambino and Air, Watford based Tamarin drop their new single, "Holy Water". Despite its dense instrumentation, "Holy Water" is actually a crooner ballad in disguise. It reflects on emotional demons and the catharses of overcoming them. 

To get a sense of the great musicianship behind the man, take a listen to the ethereal, wintery "Shoganai", a previous release we had been keeping in our drawers until it was the right time to share.

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