New Songs We Liked - February 2020

Music for the mood swings of February or the sounds of leaving winter and getting closer to summer day by day. An eclectic, genre-agnostic mix of music you've sent our way lately.

By Chris RoditisMusicngear Lead Editor

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1. Tamarin - A Tale Of Two Cities

A touching, heartfelt piano ballad by Tamarin right in time for Valentine's day.

Tamarin's Jake Brett shared some background info for the song with us:

"This was the first time I ever wrote and finished a song in a couple of hours. I was up late in my front room, I wrote the song on the piano. I went to sleep on the sofa, set up my studio in my front room the next morning and recorded a few runs of it and that was it. To be honest, this isn’t my strongest recording technically speaking, but it's my strongest performance. For our first year of marriage, my wife has been in Hong Kong and we have been waiting for visa approval, collectively we have spent 3 of our 6 years together apart. I miss her very much and this just came out of nowhere. I didn’t overthink it, usually, I refine ideas and rewrite them. But in this case, I love and miss my wife and wanted to write a lullaby for her, and that's it.  Its simple and doesn’t need to be anything more than that."

What makes this piece work well is its pure intentions. The simple orchestration, the background noise and the faraway sax all add up to create an emotional, touching song, the kind all of us wish we'd written for our wives, but haven't managed to do so yet.


2. SHEAFS - Total Vanity

Following a stint of high profile support slots with the likes of The Amazons, The Coral, and IDLES, plus their recent tour with US rockers Greta Van Fleet, Sheffield's SHEAFS release Total Vanity off their much anticipated debut EP, a blistering new single that largely speaks about "the frustrations of a consumerist world that profits from people's low self-esteem and self-doubt" in the band's own words. 


3. Belau - Natural Pool

Belau released yet another wanderlust inspiring track in anticipation for their second full length album called “Colourwave coming up March 2020.

"Natural Pool is the symbol of a place or goal, which you would like to really achieve, but there’re just few people, who can reach it. If you can make it, you’ll experience new dimensions of freedom and bliss, which could be life changing” – said the duo about their new instrumental song, which also contains some self-recorded atmospheres, samples from Caribbean islands."


4. Double Agent - Feels Like (Secret Spade Remix)

A slowed down yet vibrant remix of Australia's Double Agent latest tune "Feels Like", by upcoming producer Secret Spade. Close your eyes and you can almost hear the waves.


5. Saltwater Hank - I won't be going tree planting again

Closing this part of the series, for the sake of completion and just because February sounds like the perfect season to plant a tree (but don't take my word for it), we'll close this genre-agnostic edition of New Songs We Liked with Saltwater Hank, all the way from Haida Gwaii, BC - Canada. In this song about "the bonds that stem from going through both suffering and elation with others", tree planters in particular, Saltwater Hank reflects on his time as a treeplanter, and clearly I can't help but feel the never-ending swarms of bugs, the sore back and body, the blistering heat and the freezing cold, when listening to this song. Try it!

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