The Most Heavy Metal Christmas: 24 Of the Most Epic Metal Covers Of Carol of the Bells!

Join the festive chaos with our handpicked collection of the most epic metal renditions of Carol of the Bells, that will redefine your Christmas playlist!

Featuring RichaadEB, Orion's Reign, Charlie Parra del Riego, Temple Of Demigod, Brutal Black, Shiningstar, FalKKonE, MANTIKOR, Megaraptor, Bride, Diabulus in Musica, Cole Rolland, Eric Calderone, Melvins, August Burns Red, David Depasquale, Elegy Of Madness, Metal Guitar 911, Emporos, Tim Trollgasm, Tempest Skies, Marcelo Camela, Jeff Marcoux and Fire From Heaven

By Eugenia RoditisMusicngear Editor

Article photo - The Most Heavy Metal Christmas: 24 Of the Most Epic Metal Covers Of Carol of the Bells!

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1. RichaadEB

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2. Orion's Reign

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3. Charlie Parra del Riego

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4. Temple Of Demigod

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5. Brutal Black

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6. Shiningstar

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7. FalKKonE 

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9. Megaraptor 

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10. Bride

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11. Diabulus in Musica

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12. Cole Rolland

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13. Eric Calderone

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14. Melvins

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15. August Burns Red

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16. David Depasquale (SPINESPLITTER STUDIO) ft. Melchior Borg

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17. Elegy Of Madness

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18. Metal Guitar 911 

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19. Emporos

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20. Tim Trollgasm

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21. Tempest Skies

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22. Marcelo Camela

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23. Jeff Marcoux

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24. Fire From Heaven

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Have a Merry Metal Christmas!

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