MOBVIBE Live at MUSICnGEAR LivingRoom + opening act Sugarstamp

By Chris RoditisMusicngear Lead Editor

Article photo - MOBVIBE Live at MUSICnGEAR LivingRoom + opening act Sugarstamp

Mobvibe, the upbeat foursome from Thessaloniki, Greece will kick-off "Musicngear Livingroom" concerts, the brand new series of mini-concerts hosted by music startup Mobvibe will be presenting their long-awaited debut mini album "The Nusixties Invasion Part 1" for the first time ever, ahead of its official release in June 2018.
Electronic music producer Sugastamp will be opening the event with an eclectic set of house, minimal techno and nu disco to warm up the time machine for the blast to the past.


“If the time travel machine was discovered in the ‘60s and the Beatles traveled forwards in time to record a new album, they would sound like Mobvibe” wrote, an official Grammy Award blog. Rumour has it Mobvibe accidentally discovered a mysterious time machine that beams them back and forth from the 1960s, for otherwise it’s hard to explain how they created such a seamless transition between their Beatles-inspired retro melodies and earth-shattering bass synths, digitally distorted guitars and pumping drum machines. Their musical style, aptly named nusixties, sounds like nothing short of a long overdue revolution of love, a social movement destined to unite all nu-hippies of the future under the promise of happy music and a carefree lifestyle reminiscent of the hippie culture of the ‘60s.

About Sugarstamp

Hypnotic waves of blips and spine-tingling beats, deep grooves and shimmering synth lines, Sugarstamp's raging techno tracks, melodic ambient grooves and everything else in-between, place him at the hall of fame of electronic producers to watch right now.

Article photo - MOBVIBE Live at MUSICnGEAR LivingRoom + opening act Sugarstamp

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