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I’ve been using these headphones for mixing for the past 5 years and they come everywhere with me.

By Josh TyrrellContributing Author

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General Overview 

The Sennheiser HD-600 New Version 2019’s proved to be very popular as I would see them mentioned a lot in interviews with producers and engineers that I respected. I had heard stories of whole albums being mixed on them and they seemed to deliver great results. I’ve now been using these headphones for mixing for the past 5 years and they come everywhere with me. The first time I used them for a mix I was so impressed that I had to have them on every project since then. 


The first thing you notice when putting on these headphones is how comfortable they are, the ear pads fit very evenly around the outside of your ear without pressing too close. The semi-open back design feels less fatiguing than other closed back designs and I have no issues with feeling disconnected or claustrophobic in them.

Take the "IS IT GOOD FOR ME" test for "Sennheiser HD-600 New Version 2019", read the reviews and join the community! The frequency response sounds natural and true to the source material. I like that the low-end is not hyped and you know that if you can hear the bass just right on these headphones it will translate well to speaker systems. The mid-range is detailed without being too ‘spiky’ and I find these headphones very effective for carving out space in the mid-range for guitars, vocals, and keyboards. The high end is smooth and natural, I’m always able to hear if there is too much sibilance on a vocal or cymbal. The soundstage is also very clear and wide, I often find myself not panning as far as I need to in order to create width but this is something I have gotten used to over time.

Notable Features and Build Quality

I’ve found that I need to replace the foam padding around each earphone and around the headband as they tend to disintegrate slightly over time. This is relatively cheap to do and makes the headphones feel new again. I have also replaced the cable for a longer more durable one. The build quality of the non perishable components (pads/cable) is excellent and they routinely take a beating from me throwing them into my bag.


Very comfortable to wear for long periods of timeEar pads and cable not as durable as I’d like
Natural sounding frequency response 
Clear soundstage 



Build Quality7/10
User Experience8/10
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