METAL SONGS WE LOVED! October 2023 Edition

Enter the realm of headbanging and join us as we journey through the melodic voice of power metal to the aggressive feel of sludge metal, the melancholy of gothic metal, and the energy of thrash metal. 

Featuring  Anima Hereticae, Exorcizphobia, Weird Tales, Ôros Kaù, Forever Storm, Desecresy, October Noir, Urdemales, Rorcal, and Iron Altar.

By Araz MirbavandiContributing Author

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Two Wolves - Anima Hereticae

Article photo - METAL SONGS WE LOVED! October 2023 Edition

The Finnish Anima Hereticae, known for their melodic death metal, is here with their debut Descended from the Mountains. This release continues the band's tradition of creating dark, immersive soundscapes that pull listeners into a world of mysticism and shadow. 

The track Two Wolves is crafted to evoke emotions ranging from fear to awe; an ethereal listening experience that transcends the ordinary.

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Reflections - Exorcizphobia 

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Exorcizphobia, a thrash metal outfit from Czechia, has unleashed their latest album, Spiritual Exodus upon the world. A testament to the power of thrash, this album brings together ferocious riffs, relentless drumming, and aggressive vocals that harken back to the genre's golden age. 

Their latest track, Reflections is a burst of adrenaline, proving that thrash metal is still as relevant and exciting as ever.

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Acid Lobotomy - WEIRD TALES

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Polish doom metal enthusiasts will find solace in WEIRD TALES' new album, Second Coming, Second Crucifixion. This release offers a journey into the arcane, where heavy riffs and haunting vocals tell tales of the supernatural. 

An atmospheric adventure that combines the weight of doom with the intrigue of dark storytelling, the album's closer Acid Lobotomy creates an experience that is both immersive and chilling.

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Marbas - Ôros Kaù

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Thanatos is the second full-length release from Ôros Kaù, a Belgian black metal band known for taking inspiration from occult themes such as black magic and demonology to write their lyrics.

Their attempt to create a dark and raw atmosphere is clearly evident in Marbas, a composition that weaves an intricate auditory tapestry, immersing the listener in an abyss of relentless blast beats, distorted guitar riffs, and haunting vocal incantations.

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Марш избрисаног пука - Forever Storm 

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Serbian metalers, Forever Storm, have returned with an album that embodies the spirit of Power metal, titled Од пепела до вечности. The 4th track, Марш избрисаног пука, is an anthem of strength and resilience with soaring melodies, powerful guitar, and a chorus that invites listeners to sing along. It’s a celebration of the genre’s ability to inspire and uplift, making it a must-listen for fans of power metal.

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Dark Chambers - Desecresy

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Desecresy, a death metal band from Finland, has released their 8th album titled Desecresy. This track showcases the band's talent for crafting brutal, unrelenting death metal that pays homage to the genre's roots. With precise musicianship and a sense of aggression that is palpable, Dark Chambers is a treat for those who crave the darker side of metal.

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She’s Gone - October Noir

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The US October Noir takes listeners on a journey through the shadows with their newest opus, Letters to Existence. This gothic metal release combines melodic guitars, atmospheric keyboards, and haunting vocals to create a soundscape that is both beautiful and melancholic. 

Like many of their songs, She’s Gone explores themes of love, loss, and longing, making it an emotional ride for listeners who appreciate the gothic aesthetic.

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Libertad - Urdemales

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An epic release full of the natural energy of power metal, Urdemales is the debut self-titled album from the newly emerged Chillian metallers, who capture the essence of traditional metal. 

With double bass drums, fast guitar riffs, and soaring clean vocals that seem to come right from the realms of fantasies, Libertad is a testament to the band's dedication to their craft.

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The Worst in Everything - Rorcal

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Rorcal from Switzerland brings the weight of sludge metal to the forefront with their 2023 effort The Worst in Everything. The release is a decent continuation of their musical career into the murky depths, where heavy riffs and abrasive vocals create an atmosphere of despair and desolation. 

The Worst in Everything is a journey into the sonic abyss, one that fans of the heavier side of metal will appreciate.

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Mortality - Iron Altar 

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Coming from Scotland, Iron Altar contributes to the modern metal scene with their second studio album, Promethean, which can be stylistically classified as a blend of sludge meets groove metal and some metalcore flavor.

Mortality features dark powerful guitar riffs, bombastic drumming, and shouted vocals, bringing a sense of nostalgia that will resonate with fans of extreme metal.

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