METAL SONGS WE LOVED! - November 2023 Edition

Step into the world of headbanging and accompany us on a musical odyssey that spans from the charming melodies of folk metal to the furious soundscapes of black/death metal, and from the electrifying vigor of blackened thrash metal to the mournful beauty of atmospheric doom metal.

This edit features Solarcycles, Бѣсъ, Eternal Evil, Aegrus, Witching, Theosophy, Savage, Vertebra Atlantis, Black Void Cultult, As the Sun Falls, Rivers Ablaze, and The Answer Lies in the Black Void.

By Araz MirbavandiContributing Author

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Raven's Call - Solarcycles

Article photo - METAL SONGS WE LOVED! - November 2023 Edition

Let’s start with Solarcycles from the Netherlands, a rising force in the world of folk metal, which descends into nature with Raven’s Call. This latest composition is an odyssey, where the boundaries between the earthly and heavenly blur into a haunting symphony. 

The guitar work and haunting melodies of female vocals intertwine seamlessly, creating a soundscape that transports the listener to the far reaches of the forests and mountains.

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Funeral Prayers - Eternal Evil 

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The Swedish Eternal Evil unleashes a sonic tempest with Funeral Prayers, a descent into a world where shadows reign supreme. The relentless pace and ferocious guitar riffs create an atmosphere of unbridled chaos, a relentless assault on the senses.

Funeral Prayers delve into existential despair, painting a picture of a world teetering on the edge of oblivion. Eternal Evil's unapologetic approach to blackened thrash metal is on full display, with every note carrying the weight of impending doom.

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Лѧ́дꙋ - Бѣсъ

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Бѣсъ, a name that resonates with the mystique of Russian paganism, unveils Лѧ́дꙋ, a sonic journey into the black metal cosmos. The relentless drumming and razor-sharp guitar work create a sense of impending doom.

With lyrics in Russian, Лѧ́дꙋ weaves traditional Slavic melodies into the fabric of ferocious black metal, where the ancient and the modern collide in a maelstrom of darkness.

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Followers of the False Prophets - Aegrus​

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Aegrus from Finland takes us to a sacrilegious black metal soundscape with Followers of the False Prophets, with chilling guitar melodies and relentless drumming.

The song is a testament to Aegrus' ability to conjure atmospheres that are both bone-chilling and hypnotic. It’s safe to say that the band swiftly transports the listener to the realm of blasphemy in every note. 

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From Beneath - Witching

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Witching, a name that evokes images of arcane rituals, enchants with From Beneath. The vocals are both ethereal and menacing, helping the song to unfold like a forbidden spell, weaving together haunting melodies and atmospheres. 

The US band's ability to seamlessly blend elements of doom and black metal results in a track that is spellbinding as much as it’s nightmarish. It's a journey through the occult, where the boundaries between the seen and the unseen blur into a dark reverie.

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Majesty of the Two Rivers - Theosophy

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Theosophy, with their aptly titled Majesty of the Two Rivers, invites the listener to transcend the boundaries of the known. The song unfolds with an otherworldly aura, driven by intricate guitar work and thunderous percussion, creating a blackened atmosphere that is both celestial and infernal.

Overall, the ability of this Russian black metal band to infuse their music with a sense of grandeur elevates Majesty of the Two Rivers to a transcendental experience that lingers in the mind even after you’re done listening to it. 

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Carcass on Your Shoulders - Savage

Article photo - METAL SONGS WE LOVED! - November 2023 Edition

Carcass on Your Shoulders by the German Savage unleashes a torrent of heavy metal aggression. The track's pulverizing guitar riffs and savage vocals unleash a hurricane that drags the listener into a vortex of untamed chaos.

The unrelenting intensity of Carcass on Your Shoulders just goes on to show the band's mastery of traditional heavy metal and how easily they can leave a trail of destruction in their wake. 

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Frostpalace Gloaming Respite - Vertebra Atlantis

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Vertebra Atlantis plunges into the depths of the winter with Frostpalace Gloaming Respite. The song's crushing melodies create a suffocating atmosphere that makes you almost feel trapped in a cold wintery scenery forever.

This Italian experimental black/death metal band's ability to conjure a sense of existential dread through their music is nothing short of masterful, making this track a haunting exploration of the shadows within. 

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100 Seconds - Black Void Cult

Article photo - METAL SONGS WE LOVED! - November 2023 Edition

100 Seconds by the Mexican Black Void Cult sets the stage for a blasting sonic experience. The lightning-fast guitar riffs blending with furious harsh vocals beckons the listener to join a black metal quest.

Black Void Cultult's ability to craft a sonic ritual is evident in 100 Seconds. The track is a dark invocation, a communion with the shadows that linger at the periphery of perception. 

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Trees as My Gravestone - As the Sun Falls

Article photo - METAL SONGS WE LOVED! - November 2023 Edition

Melodic death metallers As the Sun Falls paints a melancholic portrait with Trees as My Gravestone. The somber guitar melodies and mournful vocals create a sense of impending darkness as if the world is being gently embraced by the fading light of day. 

Trees as My Gravestone beautifully shows how As the Sun Falls’ ability can bring those heavy emotions to their music and make their piece an even more poignant exploration of human nature. 

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Drone Apocalypse - Rivers Ablaze

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A progressive black and death metal band from Hungry, Rivers Ablaze has unleashed their fury with Drone Apocalypse. The relentless blast beats and ferocious guitar riffs create a sense of unbridled chaos. The guttural vocals serve as a primal force, a howl of defiance against the current of despair.

Drone Apocalypse is a sonic onslaught that leaves no room for respite. Rivers Ablaze's mastery of extreme metal is evident in the unrelenting intensity of the track, a piece that easily captures the listener's full attention.

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Ataraxia - The Answer Lies in the Black Void

Article photo - METAL SONGS WE LOVED! - November 2023 Edition

Closing this sonic odyssey is The Answer Lies in the Black Void with Ataraxia. The slow, mournful guitar melodies and haunting vocals create an atmosphere of profound sorrow and contemplation. The sparse instrumentation allows the emotions to breathe as if each note carries the weight of eternity.

This atmospheric doom metal band releases their deep emotions through their minimalist approach, making this song a suiting conclusion to our journey through the shadows of metal. 

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