A Martian in the Wasteland - 20 songs to get you through this alien time

No matter where you are - the following playlist will transport you to another interplanetary dimension.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - A Martian in the Wasteland - 20 songs to get you through this alien time

1.Pulse Emitter - Cloud Refuge 

An ethereal sci-fi soundscape from the Portland-based composer - this will sweep you up as you stride across the glacial lakes of Mars or through vast abandoned landscapes.

2. Arvo Party - Odd Acres

Taken from the Irish composer/producer’s album Inheritance  - the glitchy, unpredictable and deeply melancholy Odd Acres, is how you would feel to ascending into space with your senses glitching and your warmest memories coming to you in waves as you rise from everything you have ever known. 

3. Wojciech Golczewski - Mono:02 

Sci- fi synthesis with an ominous bass rising underneath from the Polish film composer and electronic musician. Made for exploring the multiverse.

4. Roisin Murphy - Simulation

Taken from the iconic Irish producer, singer and musician’s album Róisín Machine - Simulation is your first point of contact with a glamorous, otherworldly being from another planet. Opening with a Star Trek like string section and dissolving into eerie vocals and pads, this is all you need to transport yourself out of your sitting room into another dimension.


5. NIMF - Space 

NIMF is an Irish artist from Arklow, Co. Wicklow who ‘juxtaposes the traditional nymph with a cyberpunk twist’. Space sounds like it has been recorded on an oceanic,lush green fantasy landscape - it is all you need to soothe and transport your mind.

6. Lucy in Disguise - Distant Past 

The most recent release from the Portland based producer/composer - an arpeggiated synthesized wonderland.


7. A.L.I.S.O.N - Continuity 

Rich pads, with hints of something unknown on the edge of the Nebula - this is what you listen to as you soar through the galaxy.

8. Purity Ring - Better Off Alone

An extra terrestrial cover of  Alice Deejay’s classic track from the Canadian electronic pop duo; who since the beginning, have sounded unlike anything else from this planet.

9. Big Giant Circles - Outside the Realm

Featured in Season 2 of Stranger Things - Outside the Realm captures the magic of the night sky with all it’s glittering mystery; a haunting female vocal hums throughout; accompanied by glistening pads. To be listened to while looking out into the vast expanse at night. 

10. Morgan Willis - Everybody

Fly through someone else's neon soaked memories with the newest release from the prolific producer/composer. He breaks down how he achieves his sound here

11. ELLLL - Sooty Tern

The ambience to accompany looking across a barren, ancient landscape on another planet. The most recent production from the Irish electronic producer and DJ.

12. Gadget and The Cloud - It Never Felt Right

Taken from the Cork electronic artist’s album Things I’ll Never Say - this is the sound of those melancholy thoughts running through your brain.

13. Jack Rua - Isolation

If the isolation in the spaceship is starting to get to you - this will inject you with what you need in order to keep going.

14. Jim-E Stack, Empress Of - Note To Self 

Made for driving in a Dune buggy through vast alien deserts - Note to Self features unique percussion, rich synthesis - all fused together with Empress Of’s silky vocals.

15. Flecks - Cinematic Heartbreak 

A luscious, nostalgic track from the Dublin based synth-pop duo. 

If you want to find out more about their sound, we interviewed them about their production setup.

16. Keeley Forsyth - Large Oak

This is what you would listen to walking through the lush, ethereal forests of another planet. There is something truly ancient inscribed into this track - taken from the Oldham composer, singer and actor’s album Debris.

17. Boku - Vermilion

Tribal percussion fused with uneasy synths - the sound of a ritual of an undiscovered tribe from another part of the galaxy. 

18. Gold Blooded Woman - Take It Off 

Electronic Sci Fi glam - put on your pink leather space suit, get out and explore!

19. Crockett - Ascension

Thoughtful synthesis from the Massachusetts based producer, that at times almost overwhelms you; Ascension will open your third eye as you take on the unfamiliar.

20. Panoram - Nothing to Meet You

And this is where I leave you. A surrealist, bizarre affair from the mysterious producer/composer - play this as you gaze into everlasting expanse of time and what has passed.

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