Just Chilling - Vol 8

This month’s edition of Just Chilling features; a phantasmagoric, heavenly track that could be playing over a psychedelic dream sequence in a cult classic; toasty lofi that will keep you warm in the winter months; rich, lush jazz that invites you to explore the magic and mystery of night time, (and subsequently make you feel alive again); an eerie, ambient lullaby; tape flavored hip-hop instrumentals and more.

Featuring Bambina, wallyPDF, Dezron Douglas, Adela Mede, POSTPARTUM., BiRdy SanJazz, Madwreck, Flitz&Suppe, Mr. Käfer, DDob and chordandjocks.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 8

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Summer Love - Bambina

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 8

Psychedelic, chilled, and shimmering with imagination - this is what plays over a surreal dream sequence in a genre bending 70s movie. 

This could be part of a transcendental meditation, with its glittering fx and glass like ethereal vocals, coaxing you into a peaceful state; as phantasmagoric pads swell in the background. This will allow you to delve into the fantasy realm, and connect to something higher. Truly divine. 

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Rosé - Dezron Douglas 

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 8

This is taken from the wonderful album ATALAYA - a work by bassist Dezron Douglas. ‘Rosé’ sounds like the mysteries and magic of nighttime; chilling out in a room with a wooden floor with food sizzling in the kitchen; the scents of coffee and wine filling the air; orange tinged smoke filling the city landscape outside; as you sit in a chair by a bookshelf, taking it all in, as the moon rises, and the night begins. This will make you feel alive again.

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Voda Sa Vráti Tiež - Adela Mede

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 8

This is taken from an album called ‘Szabads​á​g’ (which was released in February of this year, once I came across this work of art I had to include it) - which is by Slovak-Hungarian artist/composer Adela Mede. ‘Voda Sa Vráti Tiež’ is the final track on the album; it is airy, uneasy, scattered with rich field recordings; the opening section featuring gentle vocals;becoming more and more surreal as time goes on, as the vocals fade to an instrument, giving this the feel on an eerie, ambient lullaby. This invites you to explore other landscapes, and will leave you refreshed.

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Beach Dreams - wallyPDF

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 8

Gentle and warm, this new, beautifully lofi release from artist wallyPDF was inspired by the sun-kissed waves of Portugal and mornings by the coastline. Toasty instrumentation melts over the analog percussion; this will keep you warm in the coming winter months.

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Daily Bugle - POSTPARTUM.,BiRdy SanJazz

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 8

Gorgeously analog - magical keys tinkling over the saturated drums; a bed of warm instruments simmering underneath, vocal samples effortlessly flowing over the beat, this is the ultimate chilling experience.

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Colors Fade - Madwreck

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 8

Taken from the album EMUXII, this opens with thunder and rain; and an acapella group singing ‘I’m Always Chasing Rainbows’; before flowing into a delightfully smooth beat. Jazz piano, beautiful drums, with some tape flavoring - this has just a hint of secrecy, and is just a delight.

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The Thing Beneath - Flitz&Suppe, Mr. Käfer, DDob

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 8

This envelops you into its wonder immediately; beautifully warm electric piano chords, sizzling sound effects and vocal chops - with just a hint of melancholy flavoring everything. This is for relaxing on winter nights, treat your ears.

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Real - chordandjocks

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 8

Every track released by instrumental Hip-Hop producer chordandjocks is nothing short of euphoric; ‘Real’ being no exception.

This has the flavor of something you heard playing over a VHS video in the 80s; the instrumentation building a technicolor flavored landscape, the drum programming being smooth and sublime, this is unique and will send you back in time.

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