Just Chilling - Vol 7

This month’s edition of Just Chilling features; caramel-like Neo-Soul to listen to while fresh produce sizzles on the stove; a beat that shimmers like sunshine; a gentle instrumental piece that shimmers like an icy walk through a winter forest; gentle, tranquil lofi that will transport you to a place filled with birdsong and peace; luxurious, plush jazz that sounds like it is from the 70s, and more. 

Featuring: Zaska, Precious Okpaje, Caspro,alejandrito argeñal,Englebert Jr,Mujo情, Hakone, Andy Aquarious, Farah Elle, Danny Scott Lane, Ruby Ivy and Peach Luffe

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 7

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Obselete - Zaska, Precious Okpaje

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 7

Caramel for your ears. 

A smooth, gentle instrumental with a gorgeous brass section; over which Precious Okpaje’s vocals melt. This is one for relaxing at home, with the whole night ahead of you; surrounded by the greenery of house plants, the smell of freshly cooked food wafting in from the kitchen. Sink into your chair, and let yourself just chill.  

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Acostumbrando - alejandrito argeñal

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 7

I came across this while scrolling through Bandcamp; and was immediately intrigued by the artwork. ‘Acostumbrando’ is a wave of warm old hollywood-esque strings; over which a gorgeously flavored analog beat flows, alongside chopped up vocal samples - this is truly glorious.

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Baby’s First Balcony - Danny Scott Lane

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 7

This was another discovery on Bandcamp; the moment I saw slightly surreal, 70s-style artwork, I knew I had to listen. The full digital release of this album is out December 12th, there are currently four tracks available to listen to, ‘ Baby’s First Balcony’ being one of them. This is a plush, comforting blend of ambience and jazz; and feels like a record you would have accidentally come across in the attic; one that becomes a source of luxurious chilling.

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Remember - Engelbert Jr.

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 7

Taken from the EP 'Beauty Of The Beats’ - this has the warm, slightly nostalgic quality of thinking back to the past; with its sunshine-drenched instrumentation gliding over an analog beat; giving way to something truly special, that shimmers, like a memory.

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Hino - Mujo情, Hakone

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 7

Warm electric piano, birdsong, glittering bells - this will transport you to a tranquil paradise, no matter where you are, or how fried your mind is, this will restore you. Taken from the album ‘Togushi Park’.

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iloveyoufinal - Caspro, Midnight Fury

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 7

A wall of ominous, powerful synthesis from another dimension rises to greet you; this is ‘iloveyoufinal’. Put this on, close your eyes, and set the synapses in your brain alight as you explore dark and unknown wonders.

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U Lisi - Andy Aquarius

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 7

This sounds like the crisp winter air in a forest; gentle, icy, and slightly magical, this is taken from the EP ‘La Force Aquarienne’. Let this guide you as you walk down the garden path into the lush greenery of nature in wintertime.

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Sunblock- Farah Elle

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 7

Taken from Farah’s glorious new album ‘Fatima’, ‘Sunblock’ is one to put on when you are by yourself, allowing yourself to recharge. The groove in this chorus is one you can’t not move to - this is ferocious, and invites you to fully soak in life.

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Precious - Ruby Ivy

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 7

A gorgeously warm blend of r&b and soul; infused with lofi textures. Heavenly vocals glide over a gorgeous beat; the lament “ why do I feel like I need you to sustain me, I’m already standing alone” (something we all need to be reminded of from time to time) running throughout the song. 

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Golden Hour - Peach Luffe

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 7

These gorgeous strings will transport you to a fairytale landscape; where you live in a cottage, surrounded by lucious plant life and greenery.  ‘Golden Hour ' is the intro song to Peach Luffe’s album ‘Everything Is Peachy’ - and it will transform your mood.

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