Just Chilling - Vol 5

Songs to listen to at home surrounded by house plants, or to chill out to while the sun is going down. Every month we compile some of our favourite instrumentals/beats/songs that we came across that month; this being Vol. 5 of this series. 

Featuring Clean Cut, Jomy, Spoiled Suede, LOLA, Dawn Richard and Spencer Zahn, SEIJ, Lo Bias, 30/70 and Venator

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

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This edition features; a mysterious beat that sounds like it was plucked from a smokey alleyway in a noir film; a jazzy neo-soul instrumental that sounds like it was recorded in a greenhouse filled with thriving house plants, otherworldly RnB with Neil Gaimen-esque artwork and a thoroughly fun, soulful back to school themed instrumental. Enjoy!


brand new day - Clean Cut

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 5

‘Brand new day’ is taken from the recently released album ‘Kids Music Channel’. It took all of my restraint not to put this entire album in this article, as the entire endeavour is a thoroughly fun and unique concept, executed flawlessly from start to finish.This album combines the joy of childhood with the unbridled fun of sample chopping; this being encapsulated in ‘brand new day’. This instrumental is soulful, and feels like being in a colourful craft room; where you can just let your creativity and imagination run free. If you are finding it hard, and feel like everything has been drained of colour - this will re-ignite the light inside. You can listen to the full album here.

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The Midnight Sun - Spoiled Suede

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 5

The Midnight Sun has a shimmering, dreamlike opening; before it dissolves into a dark, rather eerie beat, that brings to mind gothic scenes of New York, or smokey alleyways;  where mysterious and nefarious goings on are happening in the darkness. Brilliant and imaginative production; this is like a scene from a noir film - but in instrumental beat form. 

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House Plants - Jomy

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 5

This is gorgeous - the lush sound effects, rich ambience, and warm instrumental textures make this sound like it was created within an indoor forest of house plants. A nourishing beat from start to finish, that will sooth you and put your mind at ease. 

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Flicker - LOLA

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 5

This is a thoroughly unique song; beginning with the slight Neil Gaiman-esque feel about the artwork, which melts its way into music. ‘Flicker’ opens with lush ambient textures, strings and vocal shimmers; before 808s come in against the gentle, slightly eerie vocals. This is an otherworldly, glimmering trip down a rabbit hole - let it draw you into another realm.

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Sandstone - Dawn Richard and Spencer Zahn

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 5

Taken from ‘Pigments Movement 1’(in which the whole EP flows together as one); this being a collaboration between Dawn Richard and Spencer Zahn. ‘Sandstone’ has a slightly surreal quality; with a lush orchestral backdrop, which shimmers and flows alongside Dawn Richard’s incredible vocals; the results being something that feels like a dream.

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Dancing in the Flames - SEIJ

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 5

Taken from the EP Golden Butterfly, this opens with the sounds of jewellery box tinkling; before diving into a magical and lush instrumental that sounds like it may not be out of place in a Tim Burton movie. This will transport you to a gothic realm.

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hibiscus - Lo Bias

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 5

Rich sound design with lush textures that are thoroughly refreshing from start to finish. This will transport you to a sunshine filled greenhouse where you sip on a chilled botanical beverage or a herbal tea; fully at peace with yourself. 

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Without You, Within Me - 30/70

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 5

This is simultaneously gentle and ferocious; with thoroughly delicious soulful jazz progressions and incredible vocals, this is the newest release from 30/70. 

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Midrange Maestro - Venator ( Instrumental)

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 5

A cinematic wall of strings, pads and 808s that hits you immediately; rich and thoroughly addictive. This is so, so good. 

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