Just Chilling - Vol 4 (Neo-Soul, RnB, Hip-Hop)

A collection of some of the chillest, smoothest, and most delicious tracks we came across this month- this is Just Chilling - Vol 4. Featuring a blend of Celestial beats, Neo-Soul, RnB, Hip-Hop and more. 

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 4 (Neo-Soul, RnB, Hip-Hop)

In The Club - Mahalia, Cat Burns (Acoustic Version)

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 4 (Neo-Soul, RnB, Hip-Hop)

An acoustic piano version of the downright flawless track released earlier this year, which featured some of the best characteristics of mid 2000s RnB, while still doing something entirely new. This version sparkles with lush harmonies; an infectious groove flows throughout the keys - utter perfection.

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Butterfly Jam - Purelink

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 4 (Neo-Soul, RnB, Hip-Hop)

What sunlight reflecting off the surface of glass sounds like - celestial, glimmering, dreamlike and slightly nostalgic - this is an auditory meditation, one that allows you to explore inner worlds. Listen to this, and truly escape. 

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Lifted - Satin Sheets

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 4 (Neo-Soul, RnB, Hip-Hop)

I have been a lifelong fan of album intros and interludes; Lifted being the intro track to Satin Sheets’ 2022 album St Francis II; this being a gateway to the world encapsulated in the artwork of the album (pictured above). Put your headphones on, and drift away into the endless blue skies. 

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Twin Flame - KAYTRANADA, Anderson .Paak

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 4 (Neo-Soul, RnB, Hip-Hop)

The incredible duo have returned with Twin Flame; and are as flawless as ever. I have been a fan of both artists for years (becoming fanatically obsessed with Glowed Up, their 2016 collaboration when it came out). This newest release is an explosion of glorious soul and electronic textures - and has all the magic that has been present in their previous collaborations.

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Come Around - Zenizen

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 4 (Neo-Soul, RnB, Hip-Hop)

You will get an idea of the treat that lies in store for you by the gorgeous album cover of producer/vocalist Zenizen’s P.O.C ( Proof Of Concept) Gorgeous vocal textures, percussions, this will thoroughly sooth you,  and will transport you to a garden filled with the beautiful flowers on the album cover. Gorgeous. 

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Like You Mean It - Elyse Vox, Lakewood

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 4 (Neo-Soul, RnB, Hip-Hop)

There is something thoroughly haunting and hypnotic about the artwork for this song. 

The world of Say It Like You Mean It features cutting lyrics that flow over the most dreamy blend of soulful and r&b textures. So, so good.

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Woolco Tapes - Wordburglar, Jorun Bombay

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 4 (Neo-Soul, RnB, Hip-Hop)

The imagination present in the artwork of Wordburgler’s 2022 album Burgomic soaks its way into the lyrics and production of every song on this album; Woolco Tapes being one of them. Old school strings flow over a flawless old school beat; and possesses all the qualities that got you addicted to the classics. 

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Can’t Swim - Grimm Lynn

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 4 (Neo-Soul, RnB, Hip-Hop)

Sounds like the glimmering surface of an azure blue swimming pool; Can’t Swim is the newest release from the Atlanta based artist; opening with gleaming vocals, easing over the smoothest drum grooves and instrumentation you will hear this summer.

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