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He might be young, but Tyler Boone has moxie. Nearly a decade ago, the Charleston-bred blues-rocker began pursuing a rigorous path to the music career he’s so gung-ho about. Cut to 2018 and Tyler’s got two EPs under his belt along with tons of high-powered, rollicking singles, but that’s not all. In addition to his own musical pursuits, he’s been grinding hard supporting fellow artists in his hometown. Assisting with management for Southern rock band Drivin N Cryin, Tyler works hard to continue honing his leadership skills, mimicked by his most recent endeavor, Artist Formula, a company specializing in facilitating no-strings-attached artist services for musicians including scoring press and pitching to Spotify for playlist spots. Where there’s music, there’s a good drink (or there should be), so Tyler even launched his own bourbon line which has been hitting Southern stores like crazy with tons of people swooning for Boone’s Bourbon.

Tyler has been steadily building a pretty hefty discography, continuously developing his craft and increasing his musical prowess. So far this year, he has released two new singles (with plans to put out a bunch more soon), "Let It Go" and "Jealousy", both featuring his signature sound: an expert blend of blues influence tinged with rock ‘n roll.

"Let It Go" finds Tyler creating a whirling, woozy soundscape of robust percussion and electric rhythms. It’s a heavy blues-rock track coated in a slinky haze of dark rock vibes. His voice is a husky croon and the electric solo is flawless, fueled by passion.

On "Jealousy," we lose that darkness from his previous release as Tyler tones it down with a warbling, slightly psychedelic tone. It’s slower than "Let It Go" but it has that same cool slither, plus there’s a new ache in his vocals. There are fewer moments of in-your-face power breakdowns, but the instrumentation is still frenzied and skilled.

If you couldn’t tell, Tyler Boone is a busy man. Luckily, we managed to pin him down for a quick interview where he tells us a little more about his favorite gear, his own musical evolution, and a whole lot more.

MusicNGear: First, can you tell MusicNGear a little about yourself and your music?

Tyler Boone: ​I am a full-time musician, co-founder of a music management company called Artist Formula and the owner of a private bourbon label, Boone's Bourbon. The music I've created can all be found in the realm of alt-rock, blues, and Americana-pop, [but I’m] always a guitar player first.

MusicNGear: You’re constantly playing live, giving fans the real Boone experience. What kind of gear do you use?

TB: ​I use Taylor guitars mostly -- both my 812 CE acoustic and my T3B electric. I also do have an American Fender strat. I use an array of pedals (Caroline Guitar Co. are some of my favorites) and a Fender Hot Rod Deville as my amp.

I used to think having premiere gear would make your career go faster but really what matters is your playing

MusicNGear: Is there a premiere brand you’d recommend for musicians looking to get serious about their work?

Article photo - An interview with Tyler BooneTB: ​Really, whatever you can find that fits your sound or what you are chasing after is totally fine. I used to think having premiere gear would make your career go faster but really what matters is your playing -- practice all the time.

MusicNGear: You grew up in Charleston but you’ve since made your way to Nashville. While Music City’s been a concentrated hub for music since pretty much forever, Charleston has really come into its own in recent years as another scene to watch out for. How have the Charleston and Nashville music scenes influenced your work at all?

TB: ​Charleston and Nashville seem to have this vein that has grown between it that connects all these musicians back and forth to it. So many Charleston musicians have moved there and then so many Nashville execs keep making their way down here [to Charleston] to create events, etc... I can't announce it yet but I'm helping start a premiere music festival in 2019 with some Nashville people. It's going to be great. Both cities influence my music heavily -- there’s a great marriage between the two now and I enjoy it.

MusicNGear: How has your music evolved since releasing your debut EP, ​A New Start,​ back in 2011? Seems like you’ve been grinding ever since, but I imagine you’ve probably gone from a college kid to a fully-fledged badass adult since then.

TB: ​Wow... I'm not sure how you found that I released that! I took that offline and some other music as well since then. That was actually my second attempt at releasing some music -- I released an EP in 2010 that I recorded in 2009... I sounded like such a kid, couldn't really sing but could kind of play the guitar. It wasn't great. I've just been trying to find my sound since then and each year it gets better and better. The six singles I'm releasing this year are hands down all tracks I'm proud to show around.

MusicNGear: So in addition to your constant music efforts, you’ve also managed to develop a bourbon line ​and​ launch an artist services company… can you talk a little more about all your creative endeavors and where your entrepreneurial spirit comes from?

TB: ​I started the idea of the bourbon line right before I moved to Nashville in late 2014 in conjunction with a major country deal I was being offered. I ended up turning it down but kept the wheels moving for the bourbon company and finally launched it in Charleston, SC this year. We just signed with Tennessee and soon with Georgia -- it's so exciting. Artist Formula is a company I launched with one of my close friends, Sean Carpenter, [this past January]. Sean and I met during our time in Nashville. He was managing Will Hoge at the time and after I played some opening dates with Will, we became close buds and decided we should work together in some fashion, so we then launched Artist Formula. We offer services to all artists but our biggest service is pitching to Spotify playlisting. It keeps us busy!

We are each other’s co-workers. We should learn to embrace that and support one another the best we can.

MusicNGear: Speaking of spirit, you’ve got a good one. You are relentlessly supportive of fellow artists, presumably because you get just how tricky the industry can be sometimes. Why is it so crucial for artists to have each other’s backs? 

TB: ​I appreciate that. As artists or musicians, we don't have the "norm" of going into an office as a typical 9-5 lifestyle, so we are each other’s co-workers. We should learn to embrace that and support one another the best we can.

Article photo - An interview with Tyler BooneMusicNGear: Who are your biggest influences, both musically and personally?

TB: ​There are a few artists: Gary Clark Jr, John Mayer, Ryan Adams, Will Hoge, Drivin N Cryin, Sturgill Simpson, and currently Donovan Woods. I love anything blues, rock, and Americana -- I love switching between all three. Personally: All my colleagues in my Coast Records family and my good friend M.J. Medina who crushes it out in Los Angeles.

MusicNGear: Who are three musicians you think the world ​needs​ to hear ASAP?
TB: ​Donovan Woods, Susto, Finnegan Bell, and Kacey Musgraves (had to add a fourth!)

MusicNGear: Finally, what’s up next for Tyler Boone?

Tyler Boone
: ​Releasing new music every month until the end of this year, brand new music videos, and will be going to radio with one of these singles by the end of the year. More Boone's Bourbon shows all across the southeast in Tennessee and Georgia soon to be announced. On September 7th, my next single "Moving On" feat. Finnegan Bell will be released. Just getting to work. Thank you for this interview!


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Article photo - An interview with Tyler Boone

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