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Today we speak with emerging artist, Austin DJ and producer SUAZO about his experience on how to start getting seen in the music scene

By Teresa MartiniContributing Author

Article photo - Interview with SUAZO

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Today I would like to put the focus on one of the most asked questions by artists who want to start a career in the music industry: how can I make it? Believe it or not, your music and talent is only half of the job; the rest, is self promotion. Imagine yourself as a business: you can sell the most amazing products, but if nobody ever heard of you it can be quite difficult to actually get customers. Likewise, when you are a musician/producer/singer, you need to make sure that you market yourself in the best possible way in order to ensure that your music is listened and therefore, appreciated. Like anything else in life, the first steps are always the hardest but sometimes you gotta get creative in order to make it. Today we speak with emerging artist, Austin DJ and producer SUAZO about his experience on how to start getting seen in the music scene:

Teresa Martini (Musicngear): When did you decide that you wanted to make it in the music world? 

I don't know that there was any single defining moment. Music has always been a big part of my life pretty music since about age 8, when I started playing the trumpet (my first instrument). 

Musicngear: What do you think are the biggest difficulties for a new comer? 

I think that one of the most difficult things for a new artist is marketing yourself and finding your audience. New artists often underestimate this (I know I did), but making great music is really only half the battle. 

Be influenced by other artists, but don't copy them. Don't imitate what is popular at the moment.

Musicngear: You seem to be always on the road. How much does traveling influence your music choices and influences? 

Travel plays a huge role in how I make music. Since I'm always on the road, I try to take a little something from each destination. Often, this comes in the form of instruments - for example, after spending some time in Japan I began to experiment with Koto and Taiko samples in my productions. Other times the influences could be styles or moods. These influences aren't just limited to music - sometimes I find it interesting to try to replicate the mood from a painting or a piece of literature through music. 

Musicngear: As the electronic music market is already very saturated, what do you think an artist should do in order to make it? 

Have a style and be unique. Be influenced by other artists, but don't copy them. Don't imitate what is popular at the moment. Find influences outside of electronic music to draw inspiration from. 

Musicngear: What is your strategy to ensure your music is listened by as many people as possible? 

I'm still figuring this out to be honest. Right now I'm trying to make sure my music is available on as many platforms as possible. In addition to distribution, I try to keep my audience engaged through social media (follow me!). I also try to be active on platforms like Soundcloud and I reach out to artists directly if I really like their work. 

Article photo - Interview with SUAZO

Musicngear: What is the most important platform for an artist nowadays? 

At least in the US, I think that Spotify is the most important platform to focus on. There's no doubt that people have shifted to predominantly consuming music through streaming, and in that regard, Spotify appears to be the preferred platform. So with that said, it's important not just to be on Spotify, but to make sure your music is able to get picked up by playlists and algos. 

Musicngear: What is your final goal (professionally and personally) and how do you intend to reach it? 

For me, whether it's through DJing or producing, it all about creating moments for people - moments where you can forget about whatever is on your mind and just move to the music.

Follow SUAZO at his official Facebook page, Instagram and Soundcloud.

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