We had the chance to talk to Kryora, a rising groove metal band from Inverness, Scotland about the challenges a metal band faces in the local scene, their favorite horror flicks and Scotland's other fine bands such as Seed Of Sorrow, Zombie Militia, Memorial Parasite, King Kobalt and Bad Actress.

By Chris RoditisMusicngear Lead Editor

Article photo - Interview: Kryora

Let’s dive right in. What are you working on right now that we can look forward to?

Right now we're currently just focusing on gigs and our new official merch that we released on July 1st. We personally aren't aiming for an EP or an Album at all right now as we feel that it wouldn't be worth it at this point for us.

So what music gear do you normally use? Is there any other music gear you dream of having?

Article photo - Interview: Kryora Steven (Lead vocalist and Bassist): I currently use a Jackson JS Series Concert Bass JS3VQ in Trans Black along with a Big Muff Pi Bass Pedal and a Carlsbro Bassline 120w amp. Ever since I got into Megadeth a few years ago I always loved the design of David Ellefson's bass and HAD to get a Jackson in that style. My model isn't his signature but it's pretty close. I chose the JS3VQ model over his signature as all the available signature models were only 21 frets and I wanted 24 frets and I really loved the transparent black finish. As for gear I'd love to have I'm currently looking at some Hartke amps to finish my set up and give my bass the final addition to give my sound my blend of my favourite bassists, David Ellefson, Rex Brown and Cliff Burton.

William (Drummer): Currently, I use a Pearl Export 6 shell kit in Electric Blue. Pearl Demon Drive double bass pedal and Sabian AAX cymbals. I don't really have a preference I have just always used pearl since I started drumming around 13 years ago! I also have a Roland TK-25V Electronic drum kit for practicing at home. I find the electric kit so versatile and it is great for looping new rhythms and sending them to the other guys! I use 5A Vicfirth black sticks, they seem to be the only ones that don't break on me! I would love to have a Custom Pearl Masterworks kit, similar to that of Kai Hahtos, (Wintersun and Nightwish) in a deep purple shade, accompanied by a full set of Sabian HH cymbals.

Daniel (Guitarist and back up vocals): My 7 string guitar is a Jackson soloist which is great for both low and high end frequencies. Also, for a 6 string I’m using an Ibanez RG for different tunings. For effects and distortion I’m running a Boss ME-25 straight into a cab! My dream gear would definitely be a valve amp of some kind (maybe the EVH head or a victory head). Guitar-wise, I’d love a dark purple Schecter that can be used for lower tunings.

What is your vision as an artist and how do you convey it?

Our vision as a band is to stand out and be unique among the metal community. We like to blend multiple genres as well as influences to create our own style that we believe makes us stand out among the local metal bands in our area.

What are the biggest problems you had to overcome as an artist and what is your advice for artists facing similar problems?

The biggest problem we've faced as a band has to be the fact that our local area, Inverness, has a very dire scene for metal and getting people out to local shows can be a huge problem, especially as a smaller band. There are only about 3 venues that actually allow metal acts. The others may support them if the band is big but if you're a small band just wanting a gig? No chance or have to pay up and do everything yourself. It's no wonder that so many small bands give up when it feels like no one is going to support them at the start. We've been lucky to break that mold and venture out into much bigger venues and meet big bands that are willing to take us on with them as support acts. We hope one day to return the favour to smaller bands when we can. Advice that we can give to small bands in this situation is to push through! unfortunately bands are expensive, you're going to most likely put more money in than you'll get back for a good long time but if music is your passion and all your band mates are on the same page as you, go for it! Keep practicing, keep sharing your band everywhere, keep writing songs etc. Stay busy and keep going. Not all bands become big in under 2-3 years. For many it's a long and slow process.

How are you breaking through the noise? Live shows, image, music? How are new fans primarily discovering you?

We mainly focus on our live shows as we really love the live atmosphere and interacting with the crowd. Playing your music to people and seeing them headbang or's a great feeling that takes away all that stage fright. As mentioned earlier, we've also started selling merch and as of right now they're only £5 no matter what size. We're currently only selling them at gigs but we may change that in the future. Playing gigs and selling merch seems to be the best way to push yourself out there and get people to come out to see you play and have a great night.

Ok, so the next one may sound irrelevant but it’s really not. What are your favorite movies?

Steven: Hmm I can't particularly choose one film as my all-time favourite but Horrors, Thrillers and Superhero movies are my favourite genres. I love the Saw movies, The Conjuring (and the films in its universe) the Nightmare On Elm Street movies and Friday The 13th movies etc but I'm also a massive fan of the Marvel MCU films along with some DC films like the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. I'm personally more into TV shows when it comes to my first choice for entertainment though so movies are really my forte for the most part!

Daniel: My favourite movies are definitely horrors! Whether it’s psychological or a slasher film, they are all great! I also love films with great soundtracks such as inception and LOTR. Although sometimes the sound track is better than the film... 

William: When it comes to films, realistically I'll watch anything. If I had to pick a favourite set, it would have to be Star Wars. I'm also a big fan of Lord of the Rings.

How are you monetizing your music at the moment? Where do you believe music monetization is headed?

Currently we have no EPs or Albums so we're not selling any music. All we're currently selling is our merch and tickets for our gigs. We personally feel like the advice by many major bands that gig tickets and merch are the main way bands are getting paid is looking to be very true. Album sales aren't what they used to be but we're not all that fussed since we love playing live so it just gives us more reasons to get on a stage and put on a show for everyone!

What would greatly benefit your music career right now?

What would greatly benefit the band right now would be getting involved in some sort of tour to help promote the band all over Scotland and enjoy as many gigs as we possibly can.

Would you like to recommend any other local artists that we should be definitely checking out?

Even though the Highlands can be a bit dire for metal crowds it sure isn't for local talent. We've got bands such as Seed Of Sorrow, Zombie Militia, Memorial Parasite, King Kobalt, Bad Actress and many more! All incredible bands with awesome members and sick tunes. 

Last but not least, any closing messages for your fans and readers?

The band has gone through a lot of changes since it's inception in December 2016. We've lost members, changed our name and had a revamp of our songs but still people are always supporting us and helping us get our name out there and for that, we are extremely grateful. When I started the band I just wanted to jam songs with friends and play some gigs, to be honest I never thought it would ever happen, but here we are and I couldn't be more proud of the band. 2018 has been amazing for us so far and it feels like we're only getting started. Can't wait to see what the future holds! Steven

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About Kryora

Kryora (known as Pathogen from 2016-2018) is a three piece Groove Metal band from Inverness, Scotland that originated in December 2016 by founders Steven Hossack and Aidan Gallagher. Soon after starting the band they met Civil Punk drummer, Struan McFarlane, and guitarist, Callum Ford, and from there the four piece clicked and started working on the songs that are now known as Crawl My Way Out, Fake It All Away and Snitch.
From there they played their first gig supporting Civil Punk at The Market Bar in Inverness on January 31th and from there the band has gone through some line up changes, multiple gigs spanning from Inverness, Aberdeen, Forres and Glasgow and new songs.
The band’s primary sound is a mix between multiple metal genres such as Groove Metal, Nu-Metal, Thrash Metal with some Progressive Metal influences too. We love experimenting with multiple genres to give a unique sound similar to what bands such as Korn, Mastodon, Stone Sour and Trivium do.

The band currently consists of: Steven Hossack (Lead Vocals and Bass Guitar), Daniel Findlay (Guitar - Backup Vocals), William Powrie (Drums).

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Chris Roditis has been an active musician since 1995 in various bands and projects across a variety of genres ranging from acoustic, electronic to nu metal, british rock and trip hop. He has extensive experience as a mixing engineer and producer and has built recording studios for most of the projects he has been involved with. His passion for music steered his entrepreneurial skills into founding MusicNGear in 2012.

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