How to Sound Like Disturbed's Bassist John Moyer

By George KatsanosContributing Author

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Disturbed is a popular heavy metal band with fans all over America and John Moyer is its current bassist. Another feather in his cap is being the backup vocalist for the band.

Moyer has also played with Adrenaline Mob which has also been described as an American supergroup. Although the musician is skilled, no one would enjoy his music if he did not use the correct instruments for his work. The correct sound entails a combination of carefully chosen instruments and the skills of the musician. The musician has obviously done his homework perfectly as far as his equipment is concerned. 

B.C. Rich John Moyer Havoc Skull One

Article photo - How to Sound Like Disturbed's Bassist  John Moyer

John Moyer plays the B.C. RICH Havoc Skull One which he uses in both his live shows and recordings. According to the musician, the instrument entails power and precision and that is what most musicians will be looking for in a good bass guitar. You can get the Rich Havoc with four and five-string models. The bass guitar also comes in apaulonia body that entails a rosewood fretboard, Traben-Technology internal bridge and bone nut. There is also 35-inch scale, bolt-on construction, an Aguilar Amplification OBP-3 preamp, 2 Rockfield humbucker pickups and three-band EQ with volume and a five-way switch. 


Article photo - How to Sound Like Disturbed's Bassist  John Moyer

Moyer also uses the Kustom products and among these is the Kustom Groove 1300 HD. He also uses the Kustom John Moyer Signature G810H JM (each has eight 10-inch custom-designed Eminence┬« speakers as well as a compression horn that comes with a volume attenuator). These can be used for live shows and studio recordings. One of the best attributes of the bass is that it delivers a full range of clarity and power which is exactly what a musician needs for the best sound and performance.

Others Bass Guitars

Article photo - How to Sound Like Disturbed's Bassist  John Moyer

Some of the other bass guitars used by the musician include the Music Man Stingray 5-string bass and the Spector Euro LX5 4 and 5-string basses. 

Article photo - How to Sound Like Disturbed's Bassist  John Moyer Kustom John Moyer G-810H 2000W 8x10" Bass Cabinet

The 2000 Watt G-810H JM bass cabinet should be used with the powerful Groove 1300HD amp head. It features eight 10-inch eminence speakers as well as a compression horn as well a variable volume attenuator. There is also striking artwork on the grill that Moyes developed together with the celebrated Kustom performers. The end result is an 8x10 cabinet that boasts the best look and sound. The cabinet is built using 18mm plywood and is covered with vinyl which is quite durable. There are also built-in wheels, spring-loaded handles, and a tilt bar. 

Article photo - How to Sound Like Disturbed's Bassist  John MoyerKustom KBA 16X JM

The Kustom KBA 16X-JM is basically a 16 Watt practice amp that you can use for bass guitars when working at home, in your studio or when warming up backstage. The amp entails customised graphics that were inspired by the musician, an 8-inch CelectionTM speaker, 4-brand active EQ, built-in limiter as well as an exteriro speaker jack.

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