Hot New Releases To Watch In June

By Chris RoditisMusicngear Lead Editor

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1. Lauv

Αfter releasing the major hit song “I Like Me Better” and then collaborating with DJ Snake for “A Different Way” (both of these songs getting him international recognition), Lauv now releases 2 new songs in the same day. These are “Enemies” and “Never Not”.
The first one is a more upbeat pop song and has some elements that remind us of “I Like Me Better”. It might even benefit from an official video soon, since it definitely has the potential of becoming an international hit. On the other hand, “Never Not” is a softer pop ballad, dedicated to all the lovers out there.
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2. Fre3 Fly

Coming from Romania, he is an “open-format” music producer that created various songs in various styles (House, Tech-House, Deep House, Pop, Tropical House, Future Bass and even ChillHop). His latest track is called “Hous3 for Life” (which is also the name of his DJ podcast) and is a really nice and groovy club banger. Even though the official release date has not been announced yet, you can listen to the track as part of his podcast.
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3. Kassi Ashton

In case you are passionate about country music, then Kassi is an artist to follow! Even though she is new to this world, she is already a force to be reckoned with, getting the attention of Keith Urban. She has a beautiful, yet powerful voice and also a great talent for writing songs. Her debut single was called “California, Missouri”, while her latest one is “Taxidermy”.
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4. Haley & Michaels

Let’s stay in the scene of country music a bit long, and talk about the happy couple Shannon Haley & Ryan Michaels. Their debut single was called “Giving It All (To You)” and it really made an impression in the industry, gaining more than 10 million streams on Spotify. Recently they just released their latest song – “High Note”, a wonderful country song with some pop & rock influences.
They have good voices and are able to compose wonderful lyrics, so make sure to follow Haley & Michales on Facebook and Instagram.

5. Trinix

The French duo consists of Josh Chergui and Lois Serre, and they already gained some popularity in the Dance Music scene thanks to their uploads on the Chill Nation Youtube channel. Their latest single is called “Otherside” and it also features an official video. The song is a collaboration with the vocalist Ope Smith and it’s a nice and groovy song that features some “Daft Punk style” vocal cuts.
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6. King Princess

Even though she’s very young (19 years old), she has a great voice, a lot of talent to be built on, and she slowly gains more fans and followers. In her most popular single so far “1950” she has actually played all the instruments (and sang the vocal, of course). Now she is back and she just released the official video for “Talia”, a nice and chill love pop song. If you think King Princess might be the next pop sensation.
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7. Agar Agar

This French duo is formed of Clara Cappagli and Armand Bultheel and reminds us of the 80s. She has a powerful yet sensual voice and he is the one behind the electronic instrumentals. They have a unique style that combines synth-pop with acid disco. Even though they haven’t released so many tracks so far, they will have a busy tour in the months to come. Their latest release is the official video of “Fangs Out”. Enjoy it and make sure to follow Agar Agar on Facebook and Instagram.

8. Bbymutha

Now let’s jump to the Hip Hop scene and talk about Chattanooga, a female rapper from Tennessee which, as the name implies, is also the mother of 4 kids (2 pairs of twins). She has genuine swagger, a good flow and good lyrics and has just released the EP “Bbyshoe”. Part of this EP is also the track “BBC”, who now has an Official Video as well. She is focused on self expression above all and supports female rappers in this male dominant industry.
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9. Creek Boyz

Talking about the male dominant industry of Hip Hop, let’s see the upcoming band called Creek Boyz. They have an unique style combining vocal and melodic choruses with pure rap parts. Just one month ago they released the Official Video of “Boss Right Now” and now they landed a collaboration with the Trap sensation Yellow Claw – “Fake Chanel”.
These 4 guys are here to stay, so make sure to follow Creek Boyz on Youtube and Instagram to stay in touch with their latest releases.

10. Lil’ Dude

Whether he is collaborating with other rappers or releasing on his own, Lil’ Dude never disappoints. He has a catchy and gritty street rap combined with explorative flows that set him apart in this rap game. His latest track has just been released and it’s called “PSA”.
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11. Rico Nasty

By judging on the beautiful looks of Maria Kelly, you might expect a soft and pretty voice, but that’s definitely not the case. Rico Nasty has a very rough and aggressive voice, which is usually combined with powerful trap beats with rock influences. She is definitely an unique character and her latest video is out now – “Rage”.
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