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1. Gorillaz

This popular band doesn’t need any introduction and everyone already knows some of their songs, but especially the band members which are presented as cartoon characters. Not only that they recently released a new album, but also a new official video. The video is for the song “Humility” and it already made 32 million views in just one month. It combines real people and real places with the animated band members, and it also features the popular actor Jack Black. The song is nice and chill and it’s a collaboration with George Benson, and as mentioned before, it’s part of their latest album – The Now Now.
In case you haven’t already, go and follow Gorillaz on Facebook and Youtube.

2. Marshmello

Another unique artist that really stands out thanks to his costume and anonymity is Marshmello. The popular EDM DJ has just released a new album and lots of new videos. His album is called “Joytime II” and you can listen it here. His Youtube channel is being updated on a daily basis (sometimes even more often) and he is posting lots of new content for his fans. Besides lots of new songs and new official videos and lyrics videos, you can also find cooking videos, gaming videos and much more.
So make sure to subscribe to his Youtube channel and also check out his Facebook fan page.

3. Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Tipton is an American rapper from Indiana with the stage name Freddie Gibbs. He’s been around for a few years now, releasing various tracks, mixtapes and albums, both by himself and together with other artists.
He recently released his latest album called “Freddie”, and judging by the presentation video on his Youtube channel, you might think that it’s a soft R&B album, also known as “baby making music” as Freddie himself mentions in the video. But this is just a tongue in cheek presentation, as the album is definitely not soft. It includes 10 tracks with powerful Hip Hop Beats and heavy 808 Trap Basslines.
You can buy his album from any of these stores, but Freddie also decided to upload the full tracks on Soundcloud, so you can first listen to it for free before deciding to buy it. But if you really like this artist and want to support him, we recommend to buy the full album (or at least stream it on Spotify instead of Soundcloud). Also feel free to follow Freddie Gibbs on his Facebook fan page.

4. Sink Ya Teeth

Now let’s get back to electronic music, but not the commercial EDM type of Marshemello, but rather classic dance music with funky grooves and deep basses, the style that reminds us of the beginnings of electronic music.
The Duo Sink Ya Teeth comes from the UK and it’s formed of Maria Uzor and Gemma Cullingford. Their debut album has the same name as the band and consists of 10 funky and groovy electronic tracks. Even though this is their first album together, they are not beginners in music, as both of them have been part of other projects in the past. While modern dance music sounds very “computerized”, they have an unique style and all of their tracks have a “real human vibe”.
You can find links to the album in all stores on their Official Website, and you might also want to follow Sink Ya Teeth on Facebook, as they seem very promising.

5. ARP

Let’s stay in the realm of underground electronic music, and discuss about the latest album of Alexis Georgopoulos (aka ARP). Even though he doesn’t have millions of followers as EDM super stars, ARP has been in the business for much longer than many of them. He is a DJ and Music Producer based in Brooklyn New York and has already released 10 albums as a solo artist and collaborator. Over time he has explored multiple genres, including Kosmische rhythms, Minimalist Classical composition, Baroque Pop, Sound Library atmospheres and Leftfield Disco influences. He also works with visual artists such as Tauba Auerbach, Matt Connors, Darren Bader, the late filmmaker Paul Clipson — and other musicians — such as Neneh Cherry, Patricia, Sal Principato (Liquid Liquid), Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and Anthony Moore.
His latest album is called Zebra and includes 11 tracks which you can all listen for free on his Soundcloud. But of course, we recommend that you support the artists and buy his work from any of these stores. The reactions from music critics and specialists have been amazing, and here are just some of the reviews:

  • “Magnificent. 9/10”— Future Music
  • “It is truly cosmic music, that defies categorisation” Contemporary Album of the Month — The Guardian (UK)
  • “Minimalism at it’s most luxurious.” — Under The Radar
  • “Fourth World dreamscapes, Japanese environmental ambience and wiggy cosmic riffs . . . Alexis Georgopoulos’ finest work to date. Best Vinyl Releases This Week” — The Vinyl Factory
  • If these reviews have convinced you, go and have a listen to the album and also follow Alexis Georgopoulos (aka ARP) on Facebook or Instagram.

6. Lorenzo BITW

The next artist to follow this month that we want to mention is the Italian DJ and Music Producer Lorenzo BITW. As he mentions on his Facebook Page, he produces UK Funky House Weird Bass Music, but his latest album is much more than that. The album is called Love Junction and it’s a blend of multiple sub-genres of electronic music with some African and Tribal influences. Threading it all together is Lorenzo’s particular synth sound: warm, gooey, and a little bit wistful, as if weighed down by the nostalgia of a distant onlooker.
Released on the label Friends of Friends, it’s not a commercial album for the mainstream EDM ravers, but not that underground either. For example the 6th track “Hello” feat. Nawtyboi might even work on some radio stations. Even though each individual track is quite different from the other, the overall album sounds good and it brings a fresh perspective on dance music.

7. Bombs Away

If you are wondering what big surprises this summer still has in store for us then the debut album from "Bombs Away" definitely makes it to the Top 10 list. The australian duo's refined mix of dance rhythm and pop sensibility is primed to dominate the charts across the world this summer. Among their numerous collaborations, Elle Vee's gritty and simultaneously ethereal vocals literally serve as the icing on the cake, while Bombs Away summery orchestration and upbeat vibes make the lead single "Before we had a label" feel like swimming in the crystal clear waters of Mykonos. "Fragments" by "Bombs away" is a must listen for this July, please enjoy the album with a spare suntan lotion and a glass of martini at the beach bar of your choice.


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