Hot Electronic: June 2022 Edition

Behold some hypnotic, truly transformative electronic releases.

Featuring Porij, サクラSAKURA-LEE, Eileen, Shygirl, Barry Can’t Swim,Charli XCX (Dopamine VIP Remix), piri, Tommy Villiers, Jane Inc, niina and SUCHI.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - Hot Electronic: June 2022 Edition

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Lose Our Minds -Porij

Article photo - Hot Electronic: June 2022 Edition

Deeply hypnotic and highly addictive electronic production at its finest; all weaved together with a dash of melancholy, embodying a slight nostalgia (getting hints of 90s and 2000 influences) - this is electronic music at its best. 

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The one who stole my heart - サクラSAKURA-LEE, Eileen

Article photo - Hot Electronic: June 2022 Edition

Gleaming, bubble-gum, electronic perfection. Opening with descending RnB influenced chords, before house hi hats enter with a silky vocal; all falling away to the smoothest electronic beat you have ever heard.. Everything breathes together as one - fantastic.

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Firefly - Shygirl

Article photo - Hot Electronic: June 2022 Edition

The newest release from UK artist Shygirl; Firefly is uneasy, embodying subtle influences from the early 2000s, while still being something entirely new. Unusual, glitchy sampling plays around the garage influenced beat; and at around the 2:02  mark everything falls away to a deeply uneasy rising bed of pads. Yet another flawless release. 

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Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore- Barry Can’t Swim

Article photo - Hot Electronic: June 2022 Edition


Entering with a pounding beat sprinkled with experimental percussive elements, pulsing house chords rise; gentle sound design tickling the edge of your ears - this pushes the boundaries of perception.

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Used To Know Me - Charli XCX (Dopamine VIP Remix)

Article photo - Hot Electronic: June 2022 Edition

Used to Know Me is one of my favorite tracks from Charli XCX’s new album CRASH; and this amazing remix does it justice. A deep electronic beat with a pulsating bassline - this will get you through the day.

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words - piri, Tommy Villiers

Article photo - Hot Electronic: June 2022 Edition

An enchanting, slightly otherworldly electronic production, possessing the warmth and character found in a lot of early- mid 2000s classic electronic releases.

Full, warm pads swell around a rising drum and bass influenced beat, before giving way to a house beat, everything slots together with hazy perfection.

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Human Being - Jane Inc

Article photo - Hot Electronic: June 2022 Edition

This is one of the most unique electronic releases I have heard in a long time; in your face, uneasy, with gorgeous vocals, all ascending into a glittering kaleidoscopic bed of synthesis and pads - allow yourself to be swept away.

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miss me - niina

Article photo - Hot Electronic: June 2022 Edition

The mysterious producer niina is back with miss me; which features unusual and experimental percussion; rising synthesis with analog glistening sci-fi effects, all mixed together with gentle machine-like vocals; this sparkling electronic track is unlike anything you have heard before.

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Seher - SUCHI

Article photo - Hot Electronic: June 2022 Edition

This features fantastic sound design, a deeply hypnotic beat, and earth shaking bass - this is one to let yourself go to. Magnificent. 

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