Hot Electronic: February 2023 Edition

This month’s edition of Hot Electronic features a glittering milkshake of lush synthesis that is from a rave in another realm; a Y2K style trance extravaganza flavored with a little dash of nostalgic suburban glamor; bubblegum dance electronics that will make you hit the roof; a kaleidoscopic, meditative wonderland that will help you just be; and dreamy nostalgic garage that will bring you right back to youth.

Featuring Vitesse X, Cowgirl Clue, Party Nails, Boy Sim, Cub Sport,DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ, O’o, Banditt, Clarcq and Sassy 009.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - Hot Electronic: February 2023 Edition

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In The Balance - Vitesse X

Article photo - Hot Electronic: February 2023 Edition

NYC based producer Vitesse X is fast becoming one of my favorite producers; as every production sparkles with imagination and creativity. ‘ In The Balance’ hits you in the face immediately, with its glimmering synthesis, delicious otherworldly vocal sampling, melting over a hard hitting kick. This is a hypnotic milkshake of lush synthesis and glittering sounds; one that is the work of an extremely skilled producer. This will draw you in, and won’t let you go.

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Picket Fence - Cowgirl Clue

Article photo - Hot Electronic: February 2023 Edition

I discovered Cowgirl Clue after hearing the gorgeous blend of country and pop electronics that is  ‘Traiblaze’. The artist’s newest release ‘ Picket Fence’ has an earth shattering Y2k trance vibe, with ghostly, ethereal and sugary synths sweeping in the background. This is eerie, unusual and like all of Cowgirl Clue’s discography, thoroughly fun from start to finish.

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Like U -  Party Nails (feat Boy Sim)

Article photo - Hot Electronic: February 2023 Edition

This is a nostalgic, gorgeous house/dance collaboration with Austin-based queer pop icon, Boy Sim (who also co-wrote and produced the track). It is impossible not to be activated by this bubble gum flavored extravaganza; with its perfect vocals flowing over the deliciously produced dance electronics; the descent into the chorus will cause you to hit the roof. 

“You can be iconic and true to yourself and also full of love for others,” Party Nails says about the song. “‘Like U’ is about how the best love and support is from people who want you to shine as bright as possible. I like to think of it as our homage to ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’—that line where Cyndi Lauper sings ‘I wanna be the one to walk in the sun.’ That. It’s meant to be danced to alone or with friends. We even thought about releasing it with a surgeon generals warning: this music may cause severe dancing.”

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Keep Me Safe - Cub Sport

Article photo - Hot Electronic: February 2023 Edition

Lush, heavenly pop electronics; these core elements of Cub Sport’s newest release are ingeniously put together; the results inducing a melancholy that is hard to put into words, leaving you with goosebumps. The vocals are delivered over a bed of reverb drenched pads and vocal samples, creating a feeling and sensation that will stay with you. Thoroughly divine.

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Brave - DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ

Article photo - Hot Electronic: February 2023 Edition

I cannot even begin to describe the euphoria of discovering a new DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ track; the newest release ‘Brave’ might be one of my favorites yet. Featuring possibly the most gorgeous vocal chopping yet, which melts over a warm bed of electronics that induces the longing of a memory. This will bring you back to the excitement and anticipation of youth - as always, thoroughly magical.

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Indigo - O’o (Holy Other Remix)

Article photo - Hot Electronic: February 2023 Edition

I came across this on Bandcamp, and upon seeing the kaleidoscopic artwork, I immediately had to listen. The opening of the remix sets a meditative ambience; before gentle vocals come in over a trippy beat, the sound fx and processing invites you to explore the magic of reality; this is hypnotic, expertly done, and will soothe you into a thoroughly chilled out state of mind.

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Pinot -  Banditt x Clarcq

Article photo - Hot Electronic: February 2023 Edition

My lifelong love for Garage was re-ignited during 2019, upon hearing ‘Flowers’ (Dj Spoony’s collaboration with The Sugababes) and hearing the works of artist pinkpantheress. Since then I have been on the lookout for tracks that have this blend of warmth and addictive sampling; both of these being present in ‘Pinot’. This song has a beautiful, dreamy nostalgic quality that brings me back to the 2000s, but still manages to be something new; featuring a flawless flow, everything blending together effortlessly. This is gorgeous. 

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Mystery Boy - Sassy 009

Article photo - Hot Electronic: February 2023 Edition

“I'm not a psycho, I'm just a little annoyed” might be one of my new favorite lyrics. This newest release from Norwegian artist Sassy 009 is a wonderland; taking place in a field of unusual synthesis, fantastic lyrics, beautiful sound design, giving way to a deeply unusual sonic world, one that you need to explore.

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