Hot Electronic - August 2023 Edition

This month's edition of Hot Electronic features; a song that has the velveteen glamor of the 1970s; a song that sounds like it takes place in the shimmering dimensions between a dreamscape and reality; two songs that invoke the sensation of memory; a rage funk song; an all-consuming club pop song; and more.

Featuring Scotch Mist, Felukah, Kronol, Lauren Flax, Pale Blue, Byron The Aquarius, Kanwal, Bimini, Mel 4Ever, Linux and BABYNYMPH

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - Hot Electronic - August 2023 Edition

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Shadowbanned - Scotch Mist

Article photo - Hot Electronic - August 2023 Edition

This is from the new album Cabo Blanco (which sounds as velveteen and 1970s as the name suggests). Shadowbanned opens with a lush bed of psychedelic textures, a mix of mid tempo disco and funk, over which smooth vocals shimmer. This oozes with the velour and glamor of the 1970s; the music conjuring visuals that are simply divine. This is, quite simply, a magical journey for your mind and ears.

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Btwhashni - Felukah

Article photo - Hot Electronic - August 2023 Edition

This has the surreal quality of a dream; one where you are right on the border of shimmering dimensions of a dreamscape and reality.

The warm pads swoop over you like waves, inducing the sensation of sunlight warming your eyelids, making everything glitter slightly; the vocals switch between spoken word and singing. This newest release from Egyptian artist Felukah (based in New York City) is utterly entracing, and meditative. In verse two, a throbbing 808 sub bass comes in, making everything all the more mesmerizing. 

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On Pause - Bimini

Article photo - Hot Electronic - August 2023 Edition

Taken from the new EP When The Party Ends, On Pause opens with a slightly ominous, rising bed of pads (bringing to mind the likes of NERO) the melody and vocals having the haunting, hypnotic quality that is present a lot of the best 90s, and mid 00s electronic classics. 

The reverbed textures and the moody ambience are entrancing; these qualities being embodied in the VHS style visualizer, which you can watch here.

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Real (Kronol Remix) - Blimp, Good Luck, Kronol

Article photo - Hot Electronic - August 2023 Edition

A lot of the best electronic music induces the sensation of a memory; this particular quality being present throughout this remix of Real. The warmth and anticipation present in the lofi house textures, invoke a sensation of nostalgia and youth, as the song progresses, it introduces some Y2K trance elements. This remix has a beautifully melancholic quality, one that has depths and layers, one that will take you on a journey. 

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Fix Everything - Lauren Flax, Pale Blue

Article photo - Hot Electronic - August 2023 Edition

This has the glitchy quality of an old memory, that takes place inside a fabulous old house. Fix Everything is hypnotic, the pink/purple cloudiness of the artwork seeping its way into the textures of the music, making this a phantasmagorical listen. The bleeps and boops of electronics shimmering in the background give this a gorgeous DIY flair. This feels like a song you listen to alone, as you work through some things, and let your imagination run free.

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Roses to the OGS - Byron The Aquarius

Article photo - Hot Electronic - August 2023 Edition

There is a warm glow emanating from Roses to the OGS; one that is en par with that of a classic house track. 

Taken from the EP The Adventures of Bernard Walters, the jazz and electronic elements fuse together perfectly; in a fashion that will induce the desire to live and enjoy your life to the very fullest. This is a wave of raw euphoria and sunshine - you need to listen to this!

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Big League Chew - Mel 4Ever, Linux, BABYNYMPH

Article photo - Hot Electronic - August 2023 Edition

Big League Chew opens with sidechained industrial club synths that draw you in instantaneously - before giving way to one of the most addictive hyper pop/punk, pop electronic blends I have ever heard. This is impeccable pop production from start to finish; it has the vibe of something you would stumble across at 4am in the morning, bathed in the pink glow of neon lights. This is a song that will consume you; I wouldn’t trust someone who doesn’t get obsessed with this immediately. 

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Tuggin’ Me Back- Kanwal

Article photo - Hot Electronic - August 2023 Edition

This song is a venture into what is called 'Rage Funk', which is described as ‘a sonic and visual dimension where raw, unconventional emotions and desires reign free’ and ‘A transcendental union of anger and joy’. 

The song itself is a mix of pop and funk, all combined with a dash of something else. The bassline and drums are tight; the vocals are rich and experiment with a lot of different textures, making this a thoroughly fun listen.

On the track, the artist says “I wanted this one to feel like you’re listening to a radio pop song, but in ‘the upside down’. It’s a song on the edge, and to me it reflects the idea that we always live on the edge of our socially accepted selves.”

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