Hot Electronic - August 2022 Edition

Some of the very best electronic music releases we came across this month; featuring early 00s house, 90s style mashups, raw electronic house and 2 step garage.

With Neggy Gemmy, DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ, Rochelle Jordan, Byron The Aquarius Remix, PinkPantheress, Sam Gellaitry, POSER, Brijean, DJ Planet Express, and Samantha

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - Hot Electronic - August 2022 Edition

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Daydream - Neggy Gemmy

Article photo - Hot Electronic - August 2022 Edition

Daydream is the newest release from LA based artist Neggy Gemmy; and features the gorgeous hazey feel of early 2000s electronic house music. You heard this on your pink cassette player during the summer of 2008, with an endless blue sky stretching outside the window; put your headphones on and transport yourself right back to this sun-soaked moment. Check out the trippy music video here.

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A Part Of Me - DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ

Article photo - Hot Electronic - August 2022 Edition

Taken from the EP ‘Call You/Under Your Spell’  that was released earlier on in the year; ‘Part Of Me’ features the lofi nostalgic warmth featured in your favorite 90s TV-Shows, but in music form. Some of the vocal chopping and sampling reminds me of the truly incomparable DJ Earworm mashups, melded with something entirely new. This will bring you back to a magical time.

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Something (Byron The Aquarius Remix) - Rochelle Jordan

Article photo - Hot Electronic - August 2022 Edition

Glittering synthesis, house beats, luscious vocals; this remix is hypnotic. Perfectly produced, with every element fusing together to form a living, breathing single unit of truly gorgeous electronic house music.

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Picture in my mind - PinkPantheress, Sam Gellaitry

Article photo - Hot Electronic - August 2022 Edition

I first came across  PinkPantheress’ Just For Me last summer; and have become obsessed ever since. Every single release of PinkPantheress’ is thoroughly addictive, and this newest release in which she teams up with producer Sam Gellaitry, is no different. Opening with descending piano chords, this fantastic production allows loads of space for her vocals to shine.

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If U love me - POSER

Article photo - Hot Electronic - August 2022 Edition

Haunting, electronic music with a lofi/DIY feel that makes it a true pleasure to listen to. This is a velveteen earworm; one that has warmth soaked into every part of it. 

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Take A Trip - Brijean

Article photo - Hot Electronic - August 2022 Edition

‘Take A Trip’ is an auditory holiday. Taken from the duo's new album Angelo (you can listen to this here), imagination is saturated into every sound and percussive effect in this track. Fun all around.

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Dirty Work - DJ Planet Express, Samantha

Article photo - Hot Electronic - August 2022 Edition

‘Dirty Work’ opens with warm rhodes like pads, before melting into a 2 step garage beat. This has a seductive and unique vocal line, and is sprinkled with entrancing sound design, 

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