Hot Electronic - April 2023 Edition

This month’s edition of Hot Electronic features; a song that sounds like it was plucked directly from a ‘Now That's What I Call Music!’ CD from the 2000s; a shimmering cauldron of lofi house with magical sampling; the best electronic house chorus you have ever heard, ever; blissful, azure blue 90s electronic pop; shimmering galactic electronic music for exploring Space, and more.

Featuring Parlour, Magdalena Bay, Milk & Sugar, Ayak, DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ, Neggy Gemmy, Frost Children, Tom Rasmussen, NIMMO, St Panther and George Clanton.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - Hot Electronic - April 2023 Edition

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Crush - Parlour

Article photo - Hot Electronic - April 2023 Edition

I came across this magical duo on Spotify whilst looking for a different band (a group called Picture Parlour whom Courtney Love had mentioned on Instagram) when this duo came up during my search. The pastel, futuristic space pop aesthetic drew me in immediately; this dreamy, otherworldly quality weaving its way into the fabric of the music. Crush is taken from the EP Alien Abductions & Space Pop Productions, and it is a cloud of shimmering, galactic electronics, with gorgeous vocals (bringing to the alien-like beauty of Charli XCX’s vocals in visions). Jump aboard this blissful spaceship and soar into the stratosphere of your imagination.

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Top Dog - Magdalena Bay

Article photo - Hot Electronic - April 2023 Edition

The azure drenched thumbnail for the full music video mix for this album was recommended to me this morning, and I immediately dove in.

It opens with oceanic, seashell sprinkled, Windows 95 vibe music videos, with a deep blue sky stretching above (a la 90s music videos, such as C’est la vie). My favorite song from this new album is Top Dog, a gorgeously seductive, slow tempo, pop electronic affair that is utterly delicious. In addition to the 90s vibe of the music video, it has a gorgeous 2000s flavor, especially in the dreamy layered double tracked vocals in the chorus. This whole album sparkles with imagination and DIY creativity, and you need to immerse yourself in this world.

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Lift Your Hands Up - Milk & Sugar, Ayak

Article photo - Hot Electronic - April 2023 Edition

Uplifting electronic house that will propel you into the blue skies of summer; this would not be out of place in a Now That's What I Call Music! CD from the 2000s. The vocals are incredible, on the song vocalist Ayak says “It’s great getting back to business with Milk & Sugar on this new record. We’ve toured the world for years but this is our first record together post pandemic which we did remotely & I think it captures the joy of feeling free perfectly." 

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Something New - DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ

Article photo - Hot Electronic - April 2023 Edition

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ is one of the most imaginative and unique producers working today; one who induces the warm nostalgia of your favorite show/book from the 90s/early 2000s. This newest song is a shimmering cauldron of lofi house, with DIY electronic mashup magic melting over the instrumentation; the results being a song that sparkles and glitters like your childhood/young adult memories. 

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Seeing Stars - Neggy Gemmy (feat Frost Children)

Article photo - Hot Electronic - April 2023 Edition

I am fervently awaiting Neggy Gemmy’s album CBD Reiki Moonbeam (out April 28th); ‘Seeing Stars’ being one of the songs from this upcoming album. The title brought me back to the 2002 classic Starry Eyed Surprise (whose existence I was reminded of when watching Date Night in 2018, starring Tina Fey and Steve Carrell). Seeing Stars is altogether very different to that, it is a wonderland of distorted instruments, with a grunge quality that reminds me of the underground DIY electronic music scene of the early 2000s (e.g Sneaker Pimps era). The dreamy vocals hook you with their alt 90s addictive melodic quality, melting over the instrumentation; resulting in a track that is fun from start to finish.

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Look At Me - Tom Rasmussen

Article photo - Hot Electronic - April 2023 Edition

Taken from the new album Body Building; Look At Me is a blast of euphoric electronic house at its best. Opening with gorgeous house chords that ascend into the most addictive hook you have ever heard, this is a song that will remain with you forever, and you will be better as a result of it. Listen to the full album here.

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When I'm With You - NIMMO, St Panther

Article photo - Hot Electronic - April 2023 Edition

The newest release from duo NIMMO opens with a wave of lush kaleidoscopic pads; with ice like vocals shimmering over track; before Y2K trance influenced instrumentation enters; and we are plunged into a truly joyful dance house chorus -  put this on and let yourself be free. 

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I Been Young - George Clanton

Article photo - Hot Electronic - April 2023 Edition

A snippet of the music video for this song came up on instagram; and upon listening to the chorus I became instantly hooked. The song pays a huge tribute to the 90s, the music video being done in a 90’s music channel style; additionally (and most importantly) it contains a truly glorious singing in the pouring rain segment. Transcendent pads with a dash of euro pop swell behind the vocals. This could very easily be a classic song from this era, the soaring chorus inducing the longing of youth; enveloping you in the warmth of a memory and nostalgia - I think this might be one of the best songs of 2023. 

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