Getting into Bedroom Pop: Gear, Techniques & Practical Advice from Her Week Of Wonders​

In this series of articles, we speak to some of the best bedroom pop artists out there; who capture the essence of what has made this genre so magical. We discuss how to get that signature sound, production, DIY recording, gear, promotion, and creating a visual world for your music. 

In part 4, we spoke with Her Week Of Wonders​​​​​​

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor
Article photo - Getting into Bedroom Pop: Gear, Techniques & Practical Advice from Her Week Of Wonders​
Artwork by Her Week of Wonders

Musicngear: What does your overall creative process look like?

For my project Her Week of Wonders, I would describe my creative process as being concept-forward. Rather than approaching songwriting from a purely musical or lyrical place, I start with my emotions and build songs from there. It is sort of an experimental and intuitive process, and I try to carry this throughout the whole process of production. Aiming for a more organic approach, I usually refrain from using many plug-ins and I attempt to capture a warm and layered sound through using analog instruments, pedals, and tools. 

Musicngear: As an artist who conceptualizes all of the music and the visual world behind it, what are some useful resources you would recommend? 

I feel grateful to have access to resources that help me to record and create visual art, such as Logic Pro X and Adobe Creative Cloud. However, before I had access to Logic, I recorded songs on GarageBand and other free DAW software. I think that if an artistic concept is strong enough, it can carry through with whatever tools one has at their disposal. I also believe in the importance of a creative community, and sharing resources amongst one another. For another one of my projects, Web Hex, I was able to use my friend’s Tascam Portastudio to record: a piece of equipment I didn’t own but was excited to use. 

Musicngear: For artists who are interested in getting into Bedroom Pop/DIY Pop, what are some artists you recommend they listen to? 

I think what I have found most inspiring when making bedroom/DIY pop has been early recordings of artists that I like, as many bands start out making their own recordings or “demos.” 

But listening to these demos and recognizing them as finished works of art in their own right has been influential to me. Two examples would be Elliott Smith’s first album (which he recorded on tape without the intention of releasing it) and Current Joys’ earlier albums (a more contemporary artist who I grew up seeing play in L.A.). 

Musicngear: What is your process for promoting your music once completed? 

Promotion is not my strong suit, especially since I don’t use social media (which seems a little crazy, I know.) I prefer to use Bandcamp to post my music, as I find it a reliable platform as an artist. I share my work with my friends, through using a mailing list, making zines, and through the creative community that I hope to continue to develop as I make more art.  

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