#GEARTALK with Nail Club

Geartalk with Nail Club on her recently released LP Mise en Abyme

By Chris RoditisMusicngear Lead Editor
Article photo - #GEARTALK with Nail Club
Art by Christopher Michael Hefner

Article photo - #GEARTALK with Nail Club

New Orleans based Sara Storm aka Nail Club's latest LP Mise en Abyme is like a mystique journey down the abyss where lo-fi minimal synthpop notes are flowing all over.

An addictive collection of 8 atmospheric, emotional tracks, reminiscent of some of the greats - Algebra Suicide, Futurisk, Anne Clark, and Esplendor Geometrico. 


Nail Club's music involves analog synthesizers such as Korg Minilogue and Korg Monologue BK and lo-fi processes to create compelling synth pop that’s intriguing and mysterious.
Sara records her tunes to a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder. For drum machine she uses the Korg KR-55 and Korg Volca with samples from the legendary Roland TR-808.

"I cannot stress enough how much Korg’s ‘logue; systems changed making music for me. Their ease of use is one component and I believe anyone can use these synths without intimidation. The Korg Volca sampler is the drum machine I enjoy using because you can easily change or reshape tones. The only odd thing is having to connect your telephone device in order to upload specific samples", Sara confides.

Check out Nail Club's music on Bandcamp


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