Gear Review: Thomann SP-5600 Keyboard

By Magesh MageshContributing Author

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General Overview

I always felt Thomann was a great brand, creating well-made instruments at an affordable price. This is no exception for the SP- 5600 Keyboard. Its weighted keys and pitch bend capabilities make this an instrument suitable for professional musicians. It comes with 128 Polyphony, over 100 built-in songs, and editing functions. This makes it perfect for live gigs or the studio.

Thomann SP-5600 see price

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The Keys

I’ve always been a fan of weighted keys. The SP-5600, in my opinion, feels incredibly like a grand piano. Playing scales and arpeggios up and down the keyboard felt effortless on this instrument. I feel many keyboards are advertised as ‘touch-sensitive keys’ but rarely fulfill that promise. This is simply not the case with the SP-5600.


This instrument is very well made! Strong and stylish looking, it also is incredibly light. Coming in at just under 14 kilos makes it easy to take to rehearsals or gigs. This is a plus for younger students who may need to take their instrument to piano lessons

The sounds

Certain factors separate an entry-level instrument from a professional instrument. Having the ability to pitch bend a keyboard is creating with professional musicians in mind who have to solo. Having 128 polyphony lets you play multiple notes in any register without the sound becoming muddy. I felt the grand piano sound was amazing and rivaled keyboards that sell for twice the price of the SP-5600.

Extra features

I feel having 2 headphone outputs was a great idea! This meant you could record music late at night listening with headphones and use the second output to connect to a digital audio workstation. With this method, you will not wake your neighbors or family! I feel the effects like the chorus and reverb were top quality.

The Menu

I found the menu easy to navigate on this instrument. I was impressed that it had editing functions. This makes creating your own songs a lot easier as you don’t have to export tracks to your laptop.

Notable features

The sheer number of high-quality user sounds, over 600, made this worth the price tag. I felt the sounds were very current and would be great for people looking to write their songs in a variety of different styles.

Including the sustain pedal is a bonus when you need to usually buy them separately from competing keyboards. Being able to transpose on this keyboard is also a great feature for singer/songwriters.

This is a great keyboard for intermediate students and professional musicians at an amazing price. 


Weighted keys feel greatNo case is included
Midi connectivity 
Ability to edit songs without a DAW 



Build quality: 8/10

Price: 9/10

Functionality: 9/10

User experience: 10/10

Thomann SP-5600 see price

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Thomann SP-5600 Deluxe Set see price

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Thomann SP-5600 Stage Bundle see price

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