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The Roland TD-02KV has some advanced features for an entry-level kit. It feels similar to playing an acoustic drum set due to its mesh snare and rubber pads. The bass drum trigger is in the pedal which lowers the volume when practicing. A flexible rack system gives users many options when positioning the snare drum and toms. It has an easy-to-use module that allows you to change kits, play songs, and practice.

Roland TD-02KV V-Drums Kit see price

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The Pads

The best feature of the Roland TD-02KV V-Drums Kit is the mesh snare drum. As a drummer, the majority of the beats you play use the snare. This means the overall volume of your practice session is reduced. It is also great that the snare is dual-triggered. A feature that is not common in other entry-level kits. If you play the rim it is a rim click, play the center of the drum and it is a rimshot. This adds to the feeling you are playing an acoustic drum set. The tom pads are soft rubber which gives a good amount of rebound.


The TD-02KV has a hi-hat, ride cymbal, and crash cymbal. Both the ride and crash are dual-triggered. This is great for playing different styles of music. If you play the top of the ride cymbal you will get a loud bell sound. Play it lower and it has a sustained tone perfect for jazz. Another advantage of this kit is it has an extra trigger port. That means you can grow this kit in the future by adding another crash cymbal.

Hi Hat Pedal

I always felt it was difficult to get the hi-hat in the right position on electronic kits. This isn't the case with the TD-02KV. The versatile rack system allowed me to move the hi-hat not just up or down but closer to my snare drum. This made playing beats a lot easier.

Article photo - Gear Review: Roland TD-02KV V-Drums Kit

Bass Drum Pedal

Having the trigger built into the bass drum pedals solves 2 problems. The first is volume. If you live in an apartment you could easily practice without the sound being excessive. This is because there is no bass drum beater to strike a pad. The other advantage of this system is there are fewer moving parts to cart around. This is great if you constantly move your drums from your house to a rehearsal studio.

The Rack System

Having a sturdy rack system is paramount for a smooth drumming experience. Other brands often supply wobbly and cheap stands with entry-level drum kits. I was impressed with the TD-02KV's rack because I was able to adjust not just the height but also the angle of the drums. Its basic design also meant someone who was brand new to playing drums could set up this kit in around 15 minutes.

Notable Features

The TD-02kv has a few notable features. The mesh pad is great for playing subtle things on the drum set like ghost notes. It also feels remarkably like an acoustic snare drum. The ability to tighten the skin on the snare drum is also a bonus. This makes different styles feel more authentic. A jazz drummer usually likes tight skin whereas a rock drummer likes it loose. The built-in drum kits are varied and sound real. Having dual triggers in the snare drum and cymbals make the TD-02KV almost seem like an intermediate kit with an entry-level price tag.


Value for moneyThe module could include EFX
Mesh snare drum 
Dual-triggered pads/cymbals 



Build quality: 8/10
Price: 9/10
Functionality: 8/10
User experience: 9/10

Roland TD-02KV V-Drums Kit see price

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